the pre-construction process: Building a New House a New Way

Building an energy efficient home requires efficiency across all aspects of the project, and we applied that belief to our building process. Our Pre-construction process is where we walk with you step-by-step to turn your ideas into reality.

Efficiency. Communication. Deliverability.


The six-step outline includes:

1. Obtain pre-approval from a construction lender.

We’ll provide you with our preferred vendor, or you’re free to choose your own that has a specific new construction loan program.

2. Lot search and initial home customization begins.

Together, we’ll determine the general configuration of your home in terms of layout, features, and finishes. A suitable lot will be secured given your location specifics. A rough budget will emerge that we can alter and adjust based on your preferences.

3. Conceptual Floor Plans are created.

General configuration and budget is approved by you based on your needs and aesthetic preferences.

4. Actual building costs are established.

Architectural plans are reviewed and finalized. You’ll complete your home’s finishing touches in our Buildertrend system. We’ll price out the expenses of constructing your home, and make educated assumptions on general site and mandatory municipal costs.

5. Lot is selected and the offer for purchase is accepted.

Specific site development costs and municipal expenses are confirmed, calculated, and presented as a final fixed cost for your home’s entire project.

6. Fixed Price Agreement is signed.

Construction will soon begin on your forever home.

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