Pricing Clarity


Design a home within your budget with our upfront costs on different home sizes, styles, and features.

Customize the layout, finishes, and features for one flat fee that serves as your downpayment.

An all-inclusive, fixed price is provided for the exact home you configure that will not change.


Pay to design a home without any sense of what it will cost to build. Then get pricing and hope it works.

Pay up to $50,000  for this service in addition to the cost to build your home.

Receive bids that are hard to compare and may have surprise costs that exceed budget.

A Simplified Process


Work with our team to find you a lot where you want that will suit your needs, budget, and build goals.

Select from 1 of 4 different sized models, pick an exterior facade, and customize the floorplan.

Save time and energy by only personalizing the the aspects of the home that are truly important to you.


Tirelessly search for a lot that may not align with your plans, budget and not be suitable to build on.

Find an architect, draw plans, find a builder, pull permits, work on revisions, get estimates, continue...

Agonize over every aspect and facet of the home delaying your build and increasing your stress level.

unified communication


Work with a dedicated staff member for each phase of your project-part of the same team, same place.

Constant communication on the status of your home. Regular updates and personal jobsite tours.

Our online portal gives you a single place for all communcation and access to all jobsite info.


Manage a disjointed collaboration with the architect, builder, other contractors, and village officials. 

Unknown response time, varied entities to deal with, burdensome communication with multiple parties, 

Unclear timeline, unknown progress of the project, and often have to seek your own updates. 

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