Meet the BrightLeaf Team: Your Architects of Improvement

Green Home Builders of Chicago Focused on a Better World

Having a positive impact in Chicago and its suburbs is important for BrightLeaf Homes. We acted where we saw a need and collaborated as a team for the greater good of residential building. We know we’re different, and we’re always getting better. How will our customers know that? By witnessing our values in action right where they live… or intend to live, when they choose a BrightLeaf house as their forever home.


Don’t screw the customers (create happiness)

Do what is right and always treat them fairly.

Bring up problems and discuss them

Don’t worry if you don’t have a solution. If there’s an issue let’s talk about it so we can fix it.

Own it. No excuses

Whether it’s your role, your project, or your task, it’s your responsibility. Don’t make excuses.

Break some rules

Rules exist for a reason, but not to hold us back. If a rule is standing between you and forward progress, break it - but make sure you’re staying true to the core values.

Always make it better (Kaizen)

No matter what it is, always look to move forward with continuous improvement. Set it and forget it is dead. We must remain flexible so we can continue to make everything better.

Never compromise our standards

No matter what happens, our integrity is what we can always fall back on. Keep the big picture in mind and stay true to our principles.

Look out for one another

We’re all on the same team. If you see someone around you struggling, lend a helping hand whether or not it has anything to do with you directly.

Find, explain, and understand the “why”

Seek the reason you are doing what you’re doing or why you were asked to do it. Always explain why you are asking someone to do something. Never stop asking yourself or others “why”.

Take time to save time

Think ahead and plan. Reacting to issues may create more issues, more involvement, and more time. Don’t just do your job, improve your position.

Meet The Brightleaf Team: Your Architects of Improvement

I cannot express how happy I have been to work with BrightLeaf Homes! BrightLeaf offered the perfect solution for several of my clients that had exhausted the inventory of existing homes, but still failed to find a match for their family needs. They were able to locate the right land and also allowed my buyer clients to customize their build both physical…CONTINUE READING

– Agnes Halmon, Real Estate Broker, Coldwell Banker

Last year, my husband and I were looking for a new home that was close to the city, access to public transportation, within our price range, and didn’t require a lot of updates or fixing up. It was hard finding all those criteria fulfilled in one home. We did find a home we liked, but unfortunately we missed out on it. I took a chance and contacted the bu…CONTINUE READING

– Bernadette & Chris N., Brookfield

We thoroughly enjoy living in our BrightLeaf home. The energy efficiency, open floor plan, passive solar heat and lighting are all great features. Energy bills are less than half of our previous home with 20 percent more square footage. Friends and neighbors always comment on the beauty of the space. The open floor plan gets lots of compliments and everyo…CONTINUE READING

– Martin & Kim C., Brookfield

Building a home was a major life decision for our family. Choosing BrightLeaf made that decision and the experience beyond enjoyable. The team at BrightLeaf was there to help guide us through every step of the way. No concern was too big, or too small. We couldn’t be happier with our home, and couldn’t have selected a better team to build it.


– Carol & Abe R., Brookfield

BrightLeaf Homes is an excellent home builder, and delivers a positive buying experience from the initial meeting, through closing, and beyond! I represented buyers for a BrightLeaf home in Forest Park, and the relationship with Rick and Scott was invaluable in my client’s decision to move forward with confidence. BrightLeaf Homes is the first builder I h…CONTINUE READING

– Doug Stachowiak, Realtor, Best Chicago Properties

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