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Origin Story

We will argue that there are few things in this world more important than the world itself, its people, and the health of those people.


To sustain what we have and to have a bigger impact than the generations before us, we needed to look at doing things differently. One major factor that is dear to us is energy. Residential buildings consume the third-highest amount of energy, following the industrial and transportation sectors. The mass production of energy has its own side effects that lead to waste and health issues. So by combining our past interests of building with our shared core values, we knew we could have the greatest impact, and build a better home, than we had ever experienced – than the world has ever experienced. And that experience would define who we are and showcase what we believe in.

BrightLeaf Homes was founded in 2008 by Scott Sanders, but this seedling would not fully bloom until 2014, when three guys from the Chicago area met up to arrange a partnership. Their partnership would form a revolutionary new approach to building homes. They would disrupt the building industry and challenge our ideas of living comfortably. Their vision would bring the future to the present. Creating life that didn’t need to wait until the world brought it to them, but would be ready and solid, for when the future arrived. They would build more than just homes. They would prepare our lives for a brighter tomorrow.
Sustainable means better, and BrightLeaf Homes is leading the pack in building the homes of the future. There’s been a lot of conversation about what it means to be eco-friendly, to build responsibly and with sustainability. Conversation leads to change in how we approach modern construction and design, making environmentally conscious homes more durable, higher quality, and more highly valued than ever.
Our conversations led to the creation of BrightLeaf Homes. We focus on building high quality new homes on sites in existing neighborhoods because there are huge benefits to having easy access to schools, parks, transportation, restaurants, and shopping.
There are hundreds of builders in the area who will build you a house, but very few of them build with a focus on it being comfortable to live in, simple to maintain, and affordable to heat and cool. Even fewer focus on the impact of the house and the materials used to build it on the environment, the community, and the health of the people who live in it every day.
We do.

Our mission is to re-imagine quality of life for a more comfortable, sustainable future.

To us, quality of life is not only defined by the perception of individuals, but also by what surrounds them and how it came to be. It’s about having a positive impact on our world and improving key aspects that matter most. From our neighborhoods, our materials, the air we breathe, to the conversations we have at the farmers’ market. Every positive interaction we have can improve someone’s quality of life from that moment, to years in the future. It’s about realizing what is and what can be – while changing what was.
Move forward to today, and we are continuing to perpetuate that change and fulfill our mission of "re-imagining quality of life…” by carrying our values into new realms such as real estate and remodeling. The expansion of our service offerings is yet another step in helping you re-imagine your own quality of life, and move confidently into the future.
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