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Bernadette & Chris N.


Last year, my husband and I were looking for a new home that was close to the city, access to public transportation, within our price range, and didn’t require a lot of updates or fixing up. It was hard finding all those criteria fulfilled in one home. We did find a home we liked, but unfortunately we missed out on it. I took a chance and contacted the builder – BrightLeaf – and inquired about other upcoming projects similar to the house we saw.

BrightLeaf introduced us to our new home in Brookfield. It’s only a 30 minute train ride into the city, only blocks from one of the three train stations in Brookfield, it was in our price range, and we were amazed to find all this in a new construction home. BrightLeaf really took the time to explain what was unique about their houses versus other builders in the area and it’s something I think a lot of homebuyers take for granted. The quality of their homes lies within the bones of the home; taking care to ensure the foundation and all the things you can’t see are top quality. I think many homeowners focus a lot of the superficial aspects of a home when house hunting and maybe assume other aspects, the really important aspects, as sufficient. BrightLeaf took the time to explain and document the care they took to ensure the foundation was solid, prevent the possibility of a basement flood, install insulation that was above building code requirements, and select an HVAC system that was efficient in order to last and result in low utility bills over the long run. The more we talked to BrightLeaf the more we could tell they really cared about what’s really important in building a home.

And as we continued to talk, we discovered we weren’t only getting a quality home, but quality people behind the home. After we closed on our BrightLeaf home, BrightLeaf came by to give us a homeowner’s kit they put together with all the manuals we would need to maintain our home and even some information about our new neighborhood. Then, they spent two hours with us going over basic home maintenance; explaining where our shut off valves were, demonstrating how to change the furnace filter, and instructing us the do’s and don’ts to keeping the house maintenance free for about 10 years. And if that wasn’t enough, they gave us a year where we were able to contact them to fix anything we might have missed in our walkthrough. They understand little things might be missed, or you might not realize something needs adjusting until you are actually living in the home. How many builders do you know will say "we’ll come back and help you for a year AFTER you’ve closed on one of our homes."?

We’ve been living in our home a little less than a year now and we have not been disappointed. We have a solid house that is beautifully brand new. I think our most expensive gas bill for a 1,900 square foot home was about $35. We did find a few things that needed fixing and true to their word, they came out to address them. They’ve given us advice on questions we had about the home. They even fixed something we broke on the house months later in an unfortunate weed wacker accident. It was a refreshing surprise to find quality workmanship coupled with a quality team who makes it obvious they are not out for a quick buck, but who really strive to make their homeowners happy and improve neighborhoods by building quality homes, at an affordable price, in areas people want to live.