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Doug S.


BrightLeaf Homes is an excellent home builder, and delivers a positive buying experience from the initial meeting, through closing, and beyond! I represented buyers for a BrightLeaf home in Forest Park, and the relationship with Rick and Scott was invaluable in my client’s decision to move forward with confidence. BrightLeaf Homes is the first builder I have worked with that has a great customer presence, site/LEED construction knowledge, and professional project management skills.

Every question was answered in detail. When choosing finishes, plan to meet on site with a thorough checklist and samples. If there is a change order, expect an email with pricing and schedule ramifications to the final delivery date. Most impressive was the final walk-through, where my buyers were given a tour of their soon-to-be new home and handed a three-ring binder of manuals, architectural plans, and contact numbers should anything need servicing. In addition (here’s the “beyond”), quarterly first year visits with the builder are scheduled to inspect the home. BrightLeaf Homes is confident enough to embed a plaque in the front sidewalk, and my clients and I are more than proud enough to recommend them to any and all future clients.