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Janet & Alexander D.


Our BrightLeaf experience all started with a casual walk-in of an open house in Brookfield. The home was beautiful from the outside and we decided to pull over and take the tour. That day, Rick was showing the home and we hit it off immediately with him. Not only was the home beautiful inside as well, but Rick’s enthusiasm and passion was as obvious as the quality of craftsmanship in the home. He pointed out several unique features in their build process that made the home unique among other new construction homes. 

We were very impressed with everything but made it clear that we were not interested in buying a new home at the time. Being current home owners and new parents with a 1 year old baby boy, we had other thoughts about where we stood in terms of a new home. We took Rick’s information and a few days later looked up BrightLeaf's website and some of their recent projects. Reading more about their eco-friendly and energy efficient homes, we were even more intrigued than before. After some more research and thought, we decided to give Rick a call for more information. That’s when Rick brought along Scott for an in-home sit down where many questions were asked and answered. BrightLeaf was just a team of three at the time and had accomplished so much. We soon decided that a new home for our growing family would be worth the sacrifice of selling our current home and going through new construction for a custom home to meet our needs. Up until that time, meeting only Rick and Scott, we put all of our trust into letting BrightLeaf build our dream, and moving along we were never once disappointed in doing so! We met Alex after signing on for the build and the process went as smooth as can be. Rick assisted us in finding the perfect location for our build, only blocks away from downtown La Grange. We never thought we would find anything in that specific area at a reasonable price, but BrightLeaf purchased the “cash deal” only property and made it happen for us. We went very custom across the boards in our home’s selections. We joke to this day about how annoying we may have been throughout the build, but they worked with us with smiles and laughs through it all…and even took several of our ideas further than what we even envisioned. We took a number of tours of our home each month, some just dropping by on our own at times, and we were always welcomed and never felt as if we were not. BrightLeaf made it clear from day one of our build that this was “our home”. Alex kept us up to speed with everything and we maintained contact with Rick and Scott as well throughout the process. Our ECO 3 was built through a rough winter and was completed just 1 week outside of the projected completion date. We were absolutely shocked with how well they coordinated with their partners throughout the build as well as with some of our own contractors we brought in for personal customizations. Everything was handled professionally and all the work was carried out quickly and efficiently without compromising any quality. Our build started in December and we were moved into our custom ECO 3 by April. Their 10 year slab to shingle warranty is unheard of and definitely gave us a peace of mind we never had before in a home. Since move-in, we’ve maintained a very good relationship with them all and have been introduced to their growing team. We are so happy with our BrightLeaf home and even happier to see that BrightLeaf is growing and building more beautiful and sustainable homes around the Chicagoland area. We’re proud to be part of the BrightLeaf Family…and our little one still boasts about “his house Alex built for him”!!!