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Kristen Goodman

La Grange

Little did I know when I was looking for homes in LaGrange, I would end up building my own home with BrightLeaf! As a single mom working in the investment industry, I clearly do not have the time nor the skill set to design a home. But when I saw BrightLeaf’s ad for a prime location in LaGrange, I researched their current homes, their people, their process and much to my surprise, I realized that building my own home was a real possibility. BrightLeaf made the process easy…by offering great design plans, providing top notch interior choices, while still having the flexibility to make my home uniquely mine. On top of all of that, BrightLeaf’s eco-friendly building approach aligned with my values of sustainability and desire to protect our planet. I realized it was a perfect fit and this decision has been validated through the build process. I have been most impressed by BrightLeaf’s people who have displayed integrity, creativity, a partnership attitude and an open communication process. I could not be more pleased with my decision to build with BrightLeaf.

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