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Linda M.

La Grange

Surviving the recent Chicago record-breaking cold temperatures, snow, and ice made us realize just how happy we are with our BrightLeaf home. While friends, neighbors, and family worried about frozen pipes and exorbitant utility bills, we were warm and snug in our BrightLeaf home. In our almost 50 years of marriage, we have built three houses, (1971 in Tallahassee, Florida, 1990 in Hickory Hills, Illinois, and 2017 in La Grange) and, the third time was the charm! This is the only house that was completed on time, and we actually enjoyed
the whole building experience. BrightLeaf communicated with us from the day we closed on our lot, until the day we moved in, if fact we still communicate regularly. Their Builder/Trend design app and scheduled
“walk throughs” kept us constantly updated. The whole team always treated us with respect, dignity, and class. Workers took special care to keep the work site safe and clean while they were always thoughtful
and considerate of the neighbors. The personal attention and guidance we received from the whole
BrightLeaf Team exceeded our expectations. We had a huge list of wants and desires with little understanding of how to make our dreams of a GREEN home come true. The Hickory Hills home was an example of
looking good without being efficient; with its two story windows, a gas fireplace, and two HVAC compressors, the house was pretty. But, those windows faced east and even though we had floor to ceiling drapes, my
furniture faded and we could never control the temperature (hot in the summer and drafty in the winter). I had no idea just how wasteful a gas fireplace was, and those two compressors were expensive, noisy and
inefficient. Scott, Rick, and Alex gently educated us and guided us so that we now have a beautiful, energy efficient home, perfectly suited to us with our specific needs. We are thrilled with a quiet environment, a
constant temperature, and lower utility bills. Believe me, a monthly electric bill of $32.00 is better than a $600 bill – we love the solar panels, the triple pane R-5 windows, obvious proper insulation, and our heat pump fireplace! It is also comforting to know we have taken steps to help the environment with so many BrightLeaf features. Craftsmanship and quality of construction are exceptional in a BrightLeaf home. The company’s knowledge, and talents are on display every day with competent employees and sub-contractors who are
dedicated to “doing things right, and on time”. Both inside and outside finishes reflect the team’s pride and bring us constant complements from visitors to our home. Alex Thompson is an exceptional Project
Manager who was always pro-active in identifying areas of concern and developing effective alternatives when needed. His friendly, concerned, and calm approach every day instilled total confidence and trust as we
moved through the building process. We feel that BrightLeaf produced a fantastic home and gave us the bonus of wonderful friends along the way! We actually miss having the BrightLeaf team members around the
house to this day, and are happy whenever we get to see any of them. During our first year and a half of ownership BrightLeaf continues to be professional, efficient, and responsive. There will always be some
issues with new builds, but, we moved into our new home feeling good about everything and without any broken promises. We have also found that BrightLeaf didn’t say goodbye as soon as the building
process was complete. They provided us with an owner’s manual, walked us through a new owner orientation session and gave us a welcome home pizza party! We will gladly provide references and letters of recommendation on behalf of BrightLeaf Homes. Feel free to provide our names and contact information to potential clients. Also feel free to bring people by to see our home – we’ll be warmly singing BrightLeaf’s praises!
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