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7 Elements of a Modern Farmhouse Home Build

Farmhouses are a picturesque and iconic type of home in American culture that bring about feelings of wholesome comfort. However, the old non-energy efficient construction and high costs associated with upkeep often leave prospective home buyers looking for newer alternatives. Urban or modern farmhouse builds have sprung onto the housing scene as that perfect substitute, combining updated yet classic farmhouse design elements with the energy efficiency of a Zero Energy Ready Home.


Houses built by BrightLeaf provide a green home solution that lays the foundation perfectly for achieving a modernized blend of elite energy efficiency and down-to-earth American farmhouse feel. All BrightLeaf home eco models are available in a stunning modern farmhouse facade, and they're ready for you to apply your personal design touches inside and out.



1. The Front Porch

Your front porch adds character to your entire home and property, and it can speak volumes about your personality as well. Your porch makes a welcoming gesture to visitors, and it serves as a space of decoration for the seasons and a lovely place to sit on nice summer days and nights. Depending on the orientation of the house, it can provide shade, wind, and rain protection, too, helping to keep energy costs low. The front porch is a multi-functional space that's iconic to American farmhouses.

modern-farmhouse-style-_0006_chic smart roof


2. A Chic, Smart Roof

The sturdy, durable roof construction is an original farmhouse style element that's not only the most durable and energy-efficient, cost-effective roofing option available to homeowners, it's extremely solar panel friendly - think solar ready with the option for integrated solar panels - just right for a modern farmhouse look and functionality.

modern-farmhouse-style-_0003_iconic hardwood floors


3. Iconic Hardwood Floors

Country homes are largely known for their hardwood floors, a true classic farmhouse element. Hardwood flooring is durable and versatile, allowing you to more easily control allergens and stains while providing a beautiful backdrop for design aspects such as area rugs.



4. The Mudroom 

Mudrooms were a must-have design element in farmhouses to contain mud, dirt, and wet items and to keep them from messing up the rest of house. Whether you choose to sit and remove your shoes, hang your wet umbrella, or toss your keys in a dish so you won't lose them later, proper mudrooms are still a classic feature in modern farmhouses, with enough of an upgrade to focus on necessary storage needs for a modern, busy family.

modern-farmhouse-style-_0004_spacious ktichen and island

5. The Spacious Kitchen & Island

The classic farmhouse kitchen needed to be large to accommodate a comfortable cooking atmosphere, and the iconic elements found in that space have stayed true to the modern farmhouse look today. Many urban farm homes still feature large kitchen islands for preparing food, tall pantry cabinets for localized storage, and classic sinks reminiscent of decades past.

modern-farmhouse-style-_0001_windows and natural light


6. Windows & Plenty of Natural Light

One of the most sought-after farmhouse elements is the expansiveness of what natural lighting offers a home. Not only are triple-pane windows useful for making tidy quarters seem larger, they're inviting and aesthetically pleasing - think warm, soothing sunshine pouring into homes. By choosing an eco model facade with plenty of windows, this look is still obtainable in the modern farmhouse without sacrificing comfort. 

modern-farmhouse-style-_0000_vintage barn lighting


7. Vintage Barn Lighting

Light fixtures are an easy way to pay homage to a particular style while adding brilliant character to your home. Modern farmhouses are often found with rustic or industrial lighting made from practical materials. Industrial drop ceiling lights, gooseneck lamps, and reproduced barn lighting fixtures shine brightly with their classic design, while their simplicity blends together well with the more contemporary elements of the modern farmhouse.


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