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One Family's Experience Building A New Construction Home With BrightLeaf - As Told By Them!

Green Construction Homes: Healthy, Smart and Backed By Science

4 Tips for Building a Green, Low Maintenance Custom Home

What's Best For Your Custom Home: Commonly Debated Elements During The Design Phase

How Long Does It Take To Build A Custom Home?

The Exquisite Modern Prairie Style Custom Home of Downers Grove: Build story #2

What are the differences between building your home with design-bid-build, design-build, design-assist and DIY methods?

How to Build A Custom Home: From Daydream to Move-in Day

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Custom Home?

What are my options if I want to build a home?

Things To Consider Before Building A Custom Home

Follow LEED Guidelines Without Worrying About Certification

Do You Need an Architect to Design a Custom Home?

Tips From Industry Experts On Choosing the Right Design For Your Custom Home

Build Stories: Prospect Heights Custom Home Design & Construction

The Tale of The Zero Energy Ready Home That Survived Sub-Zero Temps Without Heat

Green Remodeling: Fall Back in Love with Your Current Home

Improving Your Home's Energy Rating and IAQ to Boost its Value

What to Expect When You're Inspecting: A Guide to Visiting an Open House

The New Way of Building: Energy Star Certified New Homes say 'Better is Better'

Understanding the True Cost of Home Ownership

Featured Chicago Community of the Month: Brookfield

Home Renovation Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Getting To Know Jarrett Svendsen: Realtor, Advisor & Managing Broker at BrightLeaf

Building a High-Quality Home to Connect with Nature

Building A New Construction Home With Peace Of Mind? There's An App For That... Buildertrend

Rent Vs. Own: It's Not Just About the Money

Today’s Mortgage Rates Make it the Ideal Time to Buy or Sell

Unwanted Moisture: The Enemy of a Healthy Home

What You Need To Know About Energy Performance Labels

Cream of the Crop: 6 Ways to Decorate with Neutrals

Highlights from the Bright Side: What One Client Had To Say About Her Experience Building A Custom Home

Indoor Air Quality: Identifying the Sources and Health Risks in Your Home

Quick Refresher on Energy Saving Tips And Light Bulbs

4 Misconceptions About Building an Eco-Friendly Home

The Current State of the Real Estate Market In Chicagoland: Five Assumptions of What's Going on

What Stands Between You & Your Custom Dream Home?

7 Things To Assess When Building A New Home

How a New Construction Home Can Improve Your Family's Health

Sustainable Home Ideas to Lower Your Energy Consumption

How To Start Planning and Personalizing Your Custom Home Build

5 Ways to Introduce Sustainability into Your Home Storage Solutions

8 Things You Should Consider Before Building Your Own House

Why All Homes Are Not Created Equal: Breaking Down True Cost of Ownership

The Absolute Pillars of Green Remodeling

Things to Inspect and Fix Before Moving into a New Home

6 Vital Steps To Improve The Indoor Air Quality At Home

LEED: The Way to a Green Future with Sustainable Building Design

Essential Facts That Every New Homeowner Should Know

Looking For Real Estate? Your Checklist for Finding a Home in Chicago

Financing Your Forever Home: A Primer on New Home Construction Loans

Understanding Cost Per Square Foot Pricing From Your Custom Home Builder

Stats and Facts on how Smart Homes are taking over the world

7 Elements of a Modern Farmhouse Home Build

Green Upgrades that Will Make Your Home more Modern and Sustainable

Reasons You Should Be Mindful of the Air Quality in your Home

How to Prepare Your Home For the Future


Guide to Making Your First Home Build Smooth and Easy

Fresh Design Solutions for a Stylish and Functional Family Kitchen

Ideas to Start Your Green Remodeling Project

Choosing Your Neighborhood in Chicagoland: Western Suburbs

Homeowner Horrors... Don't be the victim of an old home

Eco Friendly Upgrades To IMplement in Your Home

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Sustainable Houses

Meet the team: Your Quality Control Crew aka the Construction Guys

The Real Costs of Building a Green Home in Chicago

Reasons to Build A Custom Home [infographic]


Who's Buying Houses Now? A Look at Chicago's Generations of Buyers

The Health Benefits of a Certified-Green Custom Home

Black Hole Sun: What Recent Solar Panel Tariffs Mean for Green Building

Illinois' only 2017 Department of Energy Housing Innovation Award Winner

How to Make Sure Your Home is Green and Healthy

Building a Home Should be Exciting, Not Exhausting

What Does Building Green Actually Mean & What Are the Certifications All About?

Seven Creative Ways to Save for a Down Payment

Green Terminology: What Is 'Comfort' & How Does It Relate To A Home?

Understanding HOME ENERGY RATING SYSTEMS (HERS) INDEX & Home Energy Savings

A Guide to a Greener Chicago


Green Terminology: What Is 'Durable' & How Does It Relate To A Home?

How a Shortage of Homes for Sale in Chicago Benefits You

Chicago Community of the Month: La Grange

What is a Gut Rehab & Should You Consider One?

2017: How to Buy a House in a Seller's Market