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Building Your Home With Peace Of Mind? There's An App For That... Buildertrend

When building the custom home of your dreams, you know what you want, and what you don’t. That’s why it’s so important to be sure that everyone involved—from contractor and client manager to construction crew and designer, and of course, you, the client—is on the same page. One miscommunication can lead to an expensive delay, so you want to be sure that your home builder is using the best technology available to stay on task and on budget.

One of the most popular and highest rated project management tools is Buildertrend, an award-winning, web-based software solution designed specifically for home building. Instead of managing different apps for different parts of the project, Buildertrend combines them all in one place so every step of the process is clear, organized, and transparent. Check out some of our favorite Buildertrend benefits.


The Hub of All Communication during the design-build process 

An Insider's Look at Buildertrend

We firmly believe that building a home should be exciting, not exhausting. We know you want to see updates, review checklists, timelines, and schedules, revisit architectural plans, and watch the progression of your dream home come to life. With you in mind, Buildertrend allows full access to schedules, progress photos in the daily logs, shows which material selections need to be made, and more. Buildertrend is also the storehouse for all communication, with real-time commenting and a private message feature so coordinating with our trade partners, with clients, and within the BrightLeaf team is easy and efficient.


As homebuilders, we spend the majority of our time working in the field so communication and quality control are our highest priorities. Using Buildertrend as our preferred software means easy, trustworthy access to the critical details and documents no matter where we are. We like that everyone involved—our team and your family—can stay easily connected and in sync.


We can focus on building and you can focus on watching your house come to life.

Project Transparency WHile designing and planning with your homebuilder 

Building a custom home has several moving parts, and keeping track of it all is a juggling act of its own. Technology allows us to automate many of the tasks and details that, if ignored, can gum up the project and mean costly delays. One of Buildertrend's most powerful functionalities is construction project management, which allows easy setting of deadlines and obligation reminders. But it’s more than task-managing. With Buildertrend, clients get:

  • Cost-clarity of add-ons and selections so that you can prioritize what’s going into your home to fit within your budget
  • Ease of selection of finishes and décor elements
  • Digital sign-off on each selection so there is no confusion about what is happening in your home
  • Live daily updates with photos and a description of what happened at your home each day. You are always in the know about the progress without having to stop by the jobsite.



With automated notifications, everyone involved gets updates about what they need to deliver and when—so we can focus on building, instead of juggling, and you can focus on watching your house come to life.


Purchase Management and Budgets: keep the surprises at bay while building your new home

If budget-creep is a concern, it's a non-issue with Buildertrend. Thanks to the purchase management tool, which contains budgeting functionality, together we can plan and monitor your project, notice if the budget is leaning too far, and take steps to bring things back under control. All transparency, no surprises.


We’ve seen Buildertrend prove its worth project after project by helping maximize customer satisfaction. What you see is a seamless, transparent communication and management system tailored to building your perfect home.

Although we know that not everything can be predicted in the home-building process, using tools like Buildertrend alleviates so many preventable, fixable issues, which frees up more time, and energy for what matters most: your peace of mind.

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