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Eco Friendly Upgrades To IMplement in Your Home

We all need to think about taking care of our surroundings, and our homes are the perfect places to start. The two main reasons are saving money on bills and adding more value to your home. No matter what inspired you to think about making a change, here are some helpful tricks to get you going.




The majority of the electricity we use on a monthly basis could be reduced with a little help from an energy-saving power switch. This little gadget will help more than you realize simply because it draws no energy when the switch is turned off. We all think that it’s perfectly fine to leave our appliances turned off but plugged into an outlet. Apart from that, a programmable thermostat will help you control your heating and cooling system and allow you to turn it off and on even when you’re outside the house. There’s also an app to help you track the temperature levels at all times.




Of course, switching to LED bulbs is the first step towards making your lighting more energy-efficient, but there’s so much more than that. By installing dimmer switches, for instance, you’ll be able to adjust the amount of lighting and use less electricity. There are even smart lamps which can be programmed to turn off automatically after being on for two hours. This can be a great feature because many of us forget to turn their light off before going to bed. During the day, try not to use lights but open your curtains and let natural light into your home. Not only is it free, but it’s also healthy for you.




You can’t replace all your appliances, but there are some things you can pay attention to before buying new ones. Nowadays, the leaders in the appliance market are models with an Energy Star label, and you should definitely opt for these because of their green features. When it comes to the kitchen, you can use energy-efficient fridges, freezers and dishwashers, and the same goes for the bathroom – after all, you won’t need to make a compromise with the quality and price. A certified dryer, for example, can save you money and still be your best friend with all the laundry you have. Opt for a quality Bosch dryer, and see all the benefits you’ll get from this upgrade.


Install solar panels


Solar panels are a great source of energy both for the interior, as well as the exterior space. You can use them in your garden for outdoor lighting or basically anything inside your house. This used to be quite an expensive upgrade some time ago, but now it’s available to everyone, and more and more people realize the benefits of this system. Solar panels have the biggest impact on your utility bills and can be the most energy-efficient upgrade for your house. Just be sure you’ve installed them correctly, and you can start enjoying the free energy straight away.


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Invest in new windows


Old windows are among your worst enemies and a serious threat to your utilities. Replacing old windows with new ones will save you money and energy you have to spend heating or cooling your house. If you want to keep up with the green upgrades, opt for wood as your main material. Look at this as a long-term investment on several levels – they’ll give you more natural light, help you become more energy-efficient and introduce a dose of nature into your home. Also, make sure you choose bigger windows to let more natural light in your home. This will play a major role when it comes to using less lighting during the day.


Improve the insulation


Although this may sound like a huge investment, insulation is actually a really smart move and something that will pay off in the future. During winter, it will help you preserve heat and keep it in your home, making your living space much warmer than before, while, on the other hand, it will also keep your house cool during hot summer days.

Properly insulated walls will prevent all the heat going to the attic and leaving you with more problems to take care of. This upgrade isn’t hard to tackle, but will help you deal with so many different problems. Just make sure you insulate the attic as well and keep the climate of your surroundings in mind as well.


Owning an energy-efficient house comes with lots of responsibilities, but it’s also the best environment you could create for your family. These houses are the future, and it’s better to start adjusting now and learning even more upgrades you can add to your home in the years to come.


Emma B. Joyce is a huge fan of everything green – from exploring environmentally-friendly energy resources to using eco-friendly diapers for my kids. I’m also an aspiring writer and just love sharing my experiences with other people, especially my fellow green enthusiasts.

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