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The New Way of Building: Energy Star Certified New Homes say 'Better is Better'

'Bigger is Better' is a home building mantra of the past. More and more customers of new construction homes know that it's not about the space inside your home, but how effective it is at keeping you and your family safe and healthy. Green building is not only the most economical way to build, but has a ton of lasting benefits. 


Every BrightLeaf home is built with energy standards that not only meet today's market, but far exceeds them. Learn more about Energy Star Certified New homes and why comfort, durability, and quality are at the heart of every home we build in this handy infographic. 


New Homes Infographic
New Homes Infographic


A Certifiably Better Home

Every BrightLeaf home is built with energy standards that not only meet today's market, but exceeds them to save you more when compared to the typical new construction home. Each of our homes meet Water Sense EPA  and certified Indoor Air PLUS criteria and are certified Zero Energy Ready Homes by the Department of Energy. We give our customers peace of mind for an eco-friendly home by following LEED's Homes Gold level standards. Because of this, our homes are 60% more energy efficient on average. 

How do these certification lead to a better home for you an your family? View a cutaway image of a BrightLeaf home and see the science inside the walls for yourself.

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