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Getting To Know Jarrett Svendsen: Realtor, Advisor & Managing Broker at BrightLeaf

Jarrett Svendsen is the Managing Broker of BrightLeaf’s real estate brokerage. With a background first and foremost in real estate, Jarrett watched as BrightLeaf houses began to go up near his community in Brookfield, Illinois. 


At that time, Jarrett was was an Earth Science teacher and also doing real estate on the side. Passionate about the environment and essentially working two full-time jobs, Jarrett saw an opportunity with this inspiring company. He already had a lot of respect for the company and approached them about lending a hand in developing a real estate brokerage.


The Seeds of Becoming a Chicagoland Real Estate Agent and Managing Broker of BrightLeaf

No day in the life of a managing broker at BrightLeaf is the same. It involves working with many clients in person,  travelling from site to site, serving as a mentor for other brokers and assisting wherever he can in the company.


With a background in teaching Jarrett uses his experience to educate clients and their brokers.


“I’m going to educate people as much as possible about our homes and our process and answer as many questions as they have, so they can make the most confident decision possible.”

Confidence, he says, makes the best decisions, and the best way to do that is to be well informed. 


When Jarrett was young he says he didn’t have a career goal in mind. Funnily enough, he wanted to live like a nomad - living in the woods, camping and hiking. He also remembers looking up to his father as a businessman. “I thought it was cool to get up and get all clean shaven and suited. That as a businessperson, you could joke around and talk with people all day long.” In his role at BrightLeaf, he definitely has the opportunities to interact with and joke around with people, though he’s often not clean shaven and rarely in a suit.


In his more formative years, Jarrett lived with his mother, who worked as a nurse. She would bring Jarrett along with her to complete odd jobs at the hospital for spending money. In high school, he had two jobs at once - in a restaurant and a hardware store. Even back then, Jarrett says he, “Never liked to stop.”


When you ask Jarrett about why he likes working as a BrightLeaf Advisor, he says, “That one’s easy, the best thing about it is how much I love our houses.” He says he couldn’t be a salesperson if he didn’t love what he was selling. As a salesperson in the past, Jarrett says he was not as happy because he wasn’t passionate about what he was selling. He says he did not want to make a sale unless what he was selling was truly right for the customer, and BrightLeaf gives him the opportunity to get hyped up, happy, and energetic.


Jarrett’s own home is a small brick home where his family enjoys being close together. In keeping with the realty cliche, Jarrett and his family are location-first people and love the location of their home.


“I love houses, but I think that people don’t need as much space as they think they do. I like helping people find the right amount of space for them.”

Given the option to live anywhere, Jarrett says it wouldn’t be just one place. His goal would be to have property in each location he enjoys - in a city, in the mountains, a lake, and on a beach. Again keeping with a realty mindset, he says he’d  rather have small properties as investments in a variety of places than one large home.


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We thought it would be fun to ask Jarrett a few interesting questions that realty experts don’t often hear - to get to know a different side of his personality. 


You’re driving alone in your car, what are you thinking about?

I live in a small house and I have young kids, so when I’m in my car, I like silence. Or I might be making my sales calls, but I like peace and quiet. 


If you could have one animal as a pet for a day - no responsibility -  what would it be?

If it’s not going to kill me, I would want a grizzly bear.


Personal or professional, who is someone you admire?

I admire my brother a lot. He created a business out of his biggest passion in life, and that is very, very hard to do. He’s a bronze metal artist and was able to create a business out of making art for himself and other people. So I admire him both personally and professionally because of his work ethic and because he was able to create a business out of his passion. 


Do you have any skills or hobbies that your  BrightLeaf coworkers would be surprised to learn?

I can dance pretty good. You don’t think of a big dude as being able to throw down, but I have some rhythm. 


If there’s one goal you could accomplish, what would it be?

I want to visit every continent - I’ve always wanted to do that. Professionally, I want to see BrightLeaf build a fully green community. 


If you’d like to talk about finding the right home for you - or about his awesome dance skills - connect with Jarrett.




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