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Green Remodeling: Fall Back in Love with Your Current Home


The goal of a remodel is to upgrade certain areas and features of your home rather than selling and replacing it altogether. HGTV.com explains, "Older houses were built when energy was cheap, so they have few of the features that are featured in new green construction." A Green Remodel - as opposed to a standard remodel focuses not just on updating aged features and adding space, but making a healthier environment. 


It's exciting to envision a new layout, features, or finishes in your home, and remodeling is also a healthy action you can take for your family. As Green Builder Advisor states, “From an energy resources point of view, remodeling a house, rather than building a brand new one with all new materials on a previously undeveloped site, is a green thing to do.” 



Evaluating Your Current Home to Plan Ahead


Green remodeling turns your current home into a healthier space to live without the costs and timeline of buying or building a brand new home. When Homeowners begin planning a green remodeling project, the goal is to evaluate areas of your home for improvement, meaning looking for existing and potential problems - especially in your home's finishes, layout, and HVAC system. 


Today's standards and processes for green home building have progressed past just the environmental impact and are driving higher quality, more efficient homes. It’s easy to see how a green remodeling project can be a smart choice for your home, but how do you know if a home remodel is right for your?


Common Home Complaints that a Remodel can Solve

If your home is out of date, doesn’t meet your lifestyle, or has some major heating, cooling, or air quality issues, a remodel might be right up your alley. Maybe you’ve been in your home for a while, but are living with the layout of the previous owners. There are many issues that a home remodel can resolve: 


  • You and your family have outgrown your current space
  • Your home includes water damage, drafty windows or doors, or a poor overall layout
  • Outdated countertops, appliances, finishes, windows, doors, etc
  • Older kitchen appliances and finishes that don't support updated devices
  • You experience costly energy bills or maintenance expenses
  • You don’t trust the integrity of your home’s construction, or you have security and safety concerns
  • Health issues, including:
    • VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) in building materials
    • Mold growth
    • Poor water quality
    • Unhealthy or poor air circulation

Kitchen Remodel


The Benefits of a Green Remodel

Eco-friendly remodeling often comes with a degree of growing pains. Homeowners worry that updating their homes will disrupt their everyday lives. Home addition costs are another worrying factor. Extended projects not only add discomfort and headaches, but often come with an inflated (and unpredictable) bill. 


We’ve all heard the home remodeling horror stories, and there are plenty of myths about the green remodeling process floating around to worry any homeowner. You might worry that you’ll be left with incomplete work or poor craftsmanship from a crew that isn’t following through. Trust and communication are important in a home remodel. Finding a reliable builder that will deliver high-quality results on time and within your budget is important. A team with the experience and professionalism to follow up with your remodel–guaranteeing your satisfaction after the work is completed–is the biggest asset you can give to your home. 


Choosing to remodel your home with a dedicated green home professional will ensure that any worries you have are remedied, any questions are answered, and each box on your remodeling checklist is covered:


  • A Healthy Home – One that integrates the latest building practices, responsible materials, and modern designs
  • Peace of Mind – A team of experts that is always available to you through each phase of the build
  • Quality–Tested – homes and practices held to a high standard
  • Personalization and Comfort – Your home fits your lifestyle, needs, and health
    Integrated design Smart building practices, smart features, and smart impact from a team of experts working together


BrightLeaf's Green Remodeling Services


BrightLeaf is a premier green home builder in Chicagoland. We have a team of experts, knowledgeable in construction, remodeling, real estate, green building, architecture, and design. From day one, our main focus is getting you the home of your dreams in a way that fits your needs, your timeline, and is uniquely yours. 


Green Remodeling

Upgrade your current home’s design and enhance your space with enduring quality. Modernize your home with new materials, tech-savvy processes, and energy-saving solutions. 


New Home Additions

Modify and grow your space to meet your lifestyle by building an addition to your home. 


Find & Refresh

Find a near-perfect home and build it up to pass your expectations. We find you a new home and leave a spare section of your budget to improve and remodel your new home before you make the move. 


Let us help update your home into the healthy, beautiful home you’ve always dreamed of.


REQUEST A FREE QUOTE FOR YOUR REMODELING PROJECT  We will listen to your goals and ideas and assess budget, timeline and design  challenges to see how we can transform your home from "like it" to "love it".  CONTACT US TODAY