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Guide to Making Your First Home Build Smooth and Easy

 You have been dreaming of building your own home for years. Once you decide to make your dream a reality, it is important to partner with a builder that understands what you are looking to do and has the right process as well as the people to get the job done right.

How do you go about finding that builder? In this article, we will walk you through some tips for finding the right team to design, construct, and decorate your custom home.


1. Look for someone to help you plan the whole project upfront

A great home build starts with a great plan. We believe in working with the homeowner from the very start of the project to help make their vision for their home a reality. Here are just some of the things we talk with our clients about:

• How many people will live in this home?
• What types of spaces make you happy?
• How can the design make your home work with your life?


After that, our design experts and architects will dive deeper into the details with our client. After all, a custom home is an individual expression for the homeowner. Good home builders respect and nurture that and fit it to a blueprint for an incredible build.


2. Look for ways to save money 

Here’s something that sets our company apart from other homebuilders: we provide the homeowner with an upfront, all-inclusive, fixed price for the home. This means we are responsible for cost overruns—not you. Never trust a home builder that isn’t upfront about what the build will cost, their fees, or how they handle project overruns.

Plus, we charge one flat fee for customization and design services—a fee that is also the down payment on the house. Most other home builders charge you separately for the architect, and then don’t even take the price off the cost of the home.

So, here’s the bottom-line: if you want to save money on your custom home, make sure you find the right home builder. It’s the most-impactful thing you can do to cut your construction costs without sacrificing quality.


3. Is cost-per-square-foot a good way to comparison shop?

Spoiler: it’s not. There are so many factors and variables that go into a home build. Any builder that attempts to boil that all down to a single number without learning more about you, your vision, or the project is probably not the best solution for a stress-free home build.


Location, for instance, can greatly impact cost-per-square-foot.

  • What kind of land is the home being built on?
  • What are the costs for demolition in that space?
  • What special costs are associated with permits and development in that neighborhood or area?



When a custom home builder gives you a cost-per-square-foot estimate without first talking through these and other questions about the build, they are probably not giving you a very good estimate.


4. Choose your team wisely


We have already talked through some of the financial considerations to take into account when hiring a home builder. However, let’s talk about quality and process. Those two things are actually related: a better building and communication process is going to lead to a higher-quality home that better meets your expectations.


Your home builder should be upfront about what the entire build process looks like, from finding a lot to the day you get the keys for the completed house. A good builder with experience will have a well-defined process that simultaneously makes things straightforward for you, the client, without sacrificing your input, goals, or vision.


Find a builder that believes in open, honest communication. A home build is a major project. This is your dream home we’re talking about! You need to make sure that the builder you select is prepared to keep you up-to-date on the status of your new home build. Good communication is crucial to ensuring that the end product is what you envisioned during the planning stages. A good builder will welcome your questions and input.

When building a new home, you want to make sure you keep track of all the details. By following these tips and the advice of seasoned professionals, you can get a home that meets both needs and desires.


5. You want a builder who looks at the project holistically

It takes a team of qualified professionals to build the home you want from the ground up. You will want a builder who has access to all the resources needed to complete your project, from architects and interior designers to heating contractors and landscapers.

We are one team that acts as your central hub for all coordination and communication, and we handle your entire project from start-to-finish. This ensures quality and keeps costs low.

When looking for the builder that is right for you, ask questions when you meet with them, and, as always, be sure to check licenses and references before you get started.




This article was a guest contribution from Amanda Lee. Amanda Lee is the senior editor and communications specialist at King Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, a professional HVAC company in Illinois. Besides HVAC topics, she also enjoys writing about home building and home improvement as she has been working within the home service industry for more than ten years. 

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