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Home Renovation Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Many homeowners will undergo a home renovation when they’re trying to boost the value of their home, but there’s no need to wait until you are ready to sell. Instead, find some projects that will boost the quality of life in your living space and try to make it as functional as you can. 


Whether you want to do a complete renovation or simply add something new to your house plans, there are many projects that can help you do a great job. The biggest decision you’ll have to make is when to actually start the renovation process. After that, you’ll only have to make decisions based on your style and budget. With a little help from this checklist, that shouldn’t be hard at all.


Determine a budget

The first thing you need to do is to determine the budget for your renovation, including the unexpected challenges and repairs. The major part of your home improvement budget needs to be set for everything you plan on doing and always make sure you’ve left something aside for additional repairs. 


You can search online for some of the most unpredictable costs and try to predict what you might have to deal with. This step will be crucial if you plan on including contractors and architects. You might find that you have additional modifications in the middle of the project that require adjustments to your budget. Try to get a precise estimate of the project to get an accurate idea of the budget breakdown.


Kitchen Remodel


Create a list of priorities

Realistic expectations are important to your renovation list and your budget. Create a list of priorities to determine what your budget will and won’t be able to tackle.


Talk to your contractor and see where you stand on the amount of work. This will allow you to finance more projects. Prioritize everything that needs to be fixed or replaced, because if you don’t do that now, it could create a much bigger problem in the future. Once that’s done, you can move onto other projects that will help you with some interior and design changes.


Be Mindful with purchases

Designing your own home is exciting, but impulsive shopping and buying too many unnecessary items are the most common mistakes homeowners make during a renovation. Before you start buying new things for your home, try to create a room-by-room plan. Decide what you really need and what you want simply because it’s trending at the moment. 


If you plan early, you can search for furniture or other major purchases online to find the best deals. You'll also be able to imagine different layouts until you find the perfect one. If you plan everything carefully, you can make your home feel brand new in a few simple tweaks. Even if you’re dealing with a small budget, you can do a lot by buying just a few items for every room. Explore different trends and see how to incorporate them into your home, trying to find a balance between design and practicality.


Custom Bathroom


Find the right contractor


If you search for a contractor online, you’ll get many results but you need to be sure the one you’ve hired is reliable and knows what to do. Look for testimonials from previous clients to get a good idea of the work they do. Don’t sign any contracts before you interview a few contractors to see which custom home builder has the best remodeling ideas and can help you achieve everything from your list. 


Give your contractor your list of priorities and ask them to walk you through the process. You need to be able to understand everything they’re planning on doing because you want to avoid some unpleasant surprises during the renovation process. An experienced contractor will be able to assess your home and tell you whether you have realistic ideas of a final outcome, or if you need to make changes in your new design. 


No matter how big or small your renovation project is, it will require time and patience. The BrightLeaf team will be available to help you on this journey each step of the way. Check out a few of our unique home projects in the BrightLeaf Gallery.

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