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Homeowner Horrors... Don't be the victim of an old home

What’s the best thing about a new home? That it’s new. You know what you’re getting. No previous use, no unknown and worn out elements that you can’t see. What’s the 2nd best thing about building/purchasing a brand new home? The warranty! Nothing is perfect, and yes, even new things break. But the warranty removes the “jump scare” factor of having to deal with a multi-thousand dollar repair.

As Halloween approaches and the zombies and goblins crawl out of their coffins and holes in the earth we are reminded of the imaginary horrors that fascinate so many of us. But what is just as scary, if not more terrifying, is the unseen. What we can’t see, can often be more horrifying than what we can. Think about how many things there are in your home that could go wrong, that you can’t see when walking through it. We’d like to take a moment to share some “Homeowner Horror” scenarios that have left family and friends with clenched fists, mouths agape, and in fear of the damage to their home and bank account.


It Came From the Sewer…

One of the biggest nightmares that a homeowner can face is the dreaded words, “Your sewer line is going to need to be replaced.” AHHHHHH! Not only is there a huge cost that can range from $2000–$7500 (depending on your location) the street may need to be closed and ripped up as well as your yard. Oh yeah, and your facilities will be out of order. Depending on the severity of the issue, location, and scenario, the cost of this horror can creep all the way up to $20,000!


The Evil That Lives in the Basement…

The basement is the most common location in a home to instill fear. Something about being dark and underground sets the scene well for ghosts and goblins to grab your ankles as you descend the staircase. Fortunately, building science has advanced enough for us to create comfortable, dry and luxurious spaces in our homes… but not for everyone. Regardless of how comfortable you can make your underground space, there is one evil spirit that seems to still make its way into most of our homes. Water. What a simple, yet horrifying thing that can cause so much damage, stress, and anguish. On average, the damage this monster can cause averages around $7000. Depending on your needs and the amount of damage caused this cost can vary greatly. The worst thing about this poltergeist is that when it gets into your home, it continues to make things worse and worse. Not just for your bank account, but also your health. Water damage creates mold and can reduce your indoor air quality, creating health issues that are even more severe than replacing some soggy carpet and drywall.


The Darkness Seeping Through the Windows…

It’s a dark and stormy night, and as you’re walking through your home, a cold draft hits you. Your goosebumps come alive, and your hair is on end… was it a ghost that just brushed by you? No. Your windows just suck. And blow. And what's worse is the moisture seeping into your home. You can see the droplets mocking you, and feel the presence of your home's natural enemy; water. 

Windows are amazing in that they can let in sunlight and fresh air, and keep out water, dust and various creatures of the night. But windows that do not function properly or were not installed properly, are sucking the life out of your home. Preying upon your heating and cooling units, letting in dirt and insects, and even worse, moisture. Poorly installed, old, or simply bad windows should be cast out of your home and replaced. Costs could range from $5000–$16000 (depending on the quality of window and size of your home).

Either fight the cost and time vampires as they jump out at you from a dark corner, or completely remove yourself from being a victim by buying a home with a warranty and quality guarantee in place.

What horrors have you had to face within your own home? Whatever they are, we hope they're behind you. Have a safe and happy Halloween! 

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