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Understanding HOME ENERGY RATING SYSTEMS (HERS) INDEX & Home Energy Savings

Energy savings from your home can mean an extra night out, a family vacation, or a new toy in your garage. Quality materials, high performance features, and attention to every single detail play a huge role in passing along energy savings to homeowners. Here’s what that means to you.


People deserve to live in spaces that protect them. We inform people looking to buy or build to use measurements and ratings that speak to a better homebuilding practice. One of those measurements is the HERS IndexThe Home Energy Rating System that is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. 

How to get a HERS Index Score

A certified RESNET Home Energy Rater conducts an energy rating on a home to determine its energy performance, and that home’s HERS Index score is generated based on the rating. The index is a simple way to gauge how a home's energy usage will compare to others. Like golf, the lower the score on the scale, the more efficient the home is.

A BrightLeaf home is built beyond code and scores an average of 40 on the HERS scale. A new home built to code scores 100.

What does that mean for you, The Homeowner?

Think of it as a simple indicator of energy costs and the savings associated. When people are buying new cars, for example, they likely focus on the vehicle’s MPG to determine mileage capabilities and the fuel costs to expect in relation. The HERS Index gives a similar indication of what kind of energy costs for the home.

Utilities are one expense you have that fluctuates month to monthAnd in the future, energy costs are predicted to increase. A BrightLeaf home can serve as a buffer to protect homeowners as energy costs continue to increase. This is why the homes we build are beyond code (current International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) standards scores of 100) and are referred to as future proof.

A BrightLeaf home is future proof to protects its owners from future increased energy costs. And because codes will evolve and become more strict - homes built to minimum code will become obsolete.

 Translating HERS Scores Into Savings for the Homeowner

There's a misconception that building a new home is unaffordable. Not only does our team remedy that for our customers by offering customized home models and layouts scaled to every budget, but BrightLeaf homes cost less to own and hold their value better than standard homes due to their energy efficiency, low maintenance, and number of certifications that verify these facts. 


The cost savings associated with owning a BrightLeaf home are tangible savings our homeowners can appreciate each month, each year, and over the course of a typical 30-year mortgage. Imagine moving into a home - a process that's often full of budgeting and wondering and getting used to a new normal in terms of expenses - and knowing your family will save money. 

Our homeowners are able to clearly see and forecast the cost savings associated with their high-performance home.

Sometimes this allows for the conversation about the build itself. How much more home could they afford knowing the reduction in monthly utility bills? Why not finish the basement, expand the garage, or deck out the backyard instead of paying more to heat and cool your home? Where else can that money be applied - vacations, hobbies, recreation, tuition, or charity? The list is endless. 

The point is that the HERS Index is a real and significant factor to look at when building your next home. This scale directly translates into long-term savings that can have a major impact on your family's life. Don't overlook it.

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