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How Building with BrightLeaf is Different (Infographic)

A big part of what our team does at BrightLeaf is the general education of not only the homebuilding industry overall but how our company and process is different from standard builders. There's a lot of misconception about building houses because people have either had poor experiences or heard horror stories from someone who did. We see this as an opportunity to share our remedies to what commonly ails people during the homebuilding process. Here's a quick visual of the areas of concern people typically have, and how we alleviate the pain for our clients.



1. "The Process Will Kill Me"

There are a lot of steps in homebuilding, that's indisputable. With BrightLeaf, our team will handle all of them on your behalf. And, you'll have the added bonus of having one consistent, single hub of information and communication instead of trying to track down the point person associated with separate facets of the build. In fact, BrightLeaf's unique process is broken out into two distinct phases: the Pre-Close Building Process and the 100-Day Build.  Building with BrightLeaf comes with easy decisions - like which Eco Model to choose from.

2. "It's Unaffordable"

Budget. It's often the very first thing people ask when determining if building a home is the right choice. While certainly important, cost shouldn't be the only factor your family considers, or automatically assumes won't work. Building a home with BrightLeaf is not only affordable but comes with cost savings tied to lowered utility bills over the home's lifetime. We also have three build packages available to our clients - Express, Semi-Custom, and Custom - to ensure budget matches expectation.  There's often a natural fear or assumption that green, eco-friendly homes come with a large price tag, but that's not the case with us. We don't go over the budget you approved; period. 

3. "It Will Take Forever" 

You have a timeline based on your current living situation - maybe you're selling your home or in interim housing until your home is built. Either way, your goal is to move in and get settled as quickly as possible. That's our team's goal, too. We understand how hard transition periods can be, and are just as anxious for you to get the keys to open that front door! We have an average home build timeline of 100 days, and have never missed a move-in date. 

4. "I'll Be Left in the Dark" 

Building your home is exciting and such a dynamic process to watch unfold. We're always in awe of what can be accomplished on the job site in a single day, and you should have a front seat to the action as well. We make sure you do. Not only can you login to Buildertrend whenever you want to access your home's build info, you'll be updated by your project manager often (even daily if you so desire) and can walk through the site to see the progress yourself, and watch your forever home take shape! 

5. "I Don't Know Enough About It"

This step goes back to the general education BrightLeaf offers people just starting the homebuilding journey. It's our honor to be transparent and intentional with getting people the resources and information that will give them clarity and confidence to know what the actual process looks like, and just how accessible building a home in Chicagoland can be ... when you use the right builder.  

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