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What is your ideal property? You know you’d like 2 floors and a basement, facing the sunset, with high windows for natural ventilation. But do you have the knowledge and tools to pick the right lot for your green dream home? Building a green home starts with choosing a preferred neighborhood that has all the essential elements of a good home, like a peaceful and safe environment, adequate space, availability of natural resources, sufficient access to water, electricity and communication lines and a collaborative team to survey and prepare your lot for construction.

Whether you’re building a green home for family use or for lease, the location of your property is a determining factor of how livable your green home is. Picking a lot for your green home requires expertise, experience and excellence in which only a few home building contractors possess. Here is some great advice on how you can select the right lot:


Check the Soil Quality

Check the type and quality of soil in the area. Sand, clay or gravelly soil tend to cost more in to excavate because those types cannot hold cement well; your property has to have more of a fine soil in order for it to retain moisture and prevent erosion of the structural construction materials. Sometimes, the soil quality is a mix of different types of soil, so choose your lot carefully, and select one that enables you to have good soil quality for your garden as well.


Get a History of the Previous Use

Having a background check on your lot gives you more knowledge on the flaws it may have. No all lots are perfect and although they are high in value because of the developments that took place, it still needs to be inspected to know how it will impact your home later. It’s’ always good to interview previous homeowners/landowners or look into the developer’s profile to know more about the land’s title and suitability for building a green home.


Determine its Proximity to Schools, Markets and Public Recreational Places

The distance between your green home and the places you travel frequently like school, work and the park on weekends is a very important factor to your lifestyle. The location of your green home will affect the overall lifestyle of everyone who lives there, so make sure your neighborhood has the eco-amenities you’re looking for, and that the places you visit frequently, are close by.


Seek Professional Consultation and Services

When it comes to developing your green home, there are a lot of factors to consider. From budget and timeline, to the orientation towards the sun, or close to the river. Eco materials, sustainable heating and cooling options, cost-effective upcycling and environmentally conscious materials that fit your style and budget. This is why a collaborative team of green home builders would be a better option for you than hiring independent contractors that have different approaches to building your home. Seek professional help from a team that will manage every detail in your home--details that are easily overlooked by the human eye. Two heads are better the one, and when the team working on your home has the same vision, anything is possible.


Contact us about our Free Lot Search Service and we’ll do the research for you and find something that is cost effective and suitable to build your desired home on. And when you are finally ready to move, we know people that will help with that as well. 


Amanda is a freelance blogger and outreach specialist for Central Homes Roofing. She enjoys slow-paced travel, restoring furniture, and a good DIY weekend project with her trusty pooch, Bond. She is passionate about the building world and how it fits into the fast-paced, ever-changing digital realm.

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