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Meet the team: Your Quality Control Crew aka the Construction Guys

To build the best and build it better and different than anyone else is not a simple undertaking. Planning, coordinating, and scheduling dozens of crew members, to execute every aspect of a new construction home build, takes grit, perseverance, and a positive attitude. Three traits these three embody on a daily basis. Here's a quick introduction to our field team. Making ideas, sketches and dreams, into reality. 


2-alex-thompsonAlex Thompson, Director of Construction Management & Managing Partner

Nicknames: Al, Smilez

Favorite Band/Artist: Kanye West
What I love most about Chicago: The Chicago Bears
Why construction: I've been interested in construction since I was a small kid. I love working in an industry where you get to make something out of nothing. It is fun to coordinate lots of people, and thousands of pieces (material) to provide homeowners a great home.
What do you like about working in the field: It's fun to get to know all our trade partners and grow together. We've had trades that have worked with us for years that have grown their business 
along side us. 
Why BrightLeaf: Brightleaf is changing the housing market by bringing energy efficiency and comfort to the masses. We always strive to be cutting edge in construction 
technology and techniques. 

John-juskaJohn Juska, Project Supervisor

Nicknames: Johnny or JJ

Favorite Band: Old Dominion
What I love most about Chicago: Too much. Food, Seasons, Sports, the city lights, to name a few.
Why construction: Every day is different and I get to see the end result of every project.
What do you like about working in the field: No cubicals and fresh air.
Why BrightLeaf: The mindset and values of this company are different than most others. 



Justin-LucasJustin Lucas, Project Supervisor

Nicknames: None that can be repeated here

Favorite Band: Foo Fighters
What I love most about Chicago: The food and the people
Why construction: I love seeing something come from nothing
What do you like about working in the field: Being outside and not sitting at a desk all day
Why BrightLeaf: I wanted to work for a company that stands for more than just making money.



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