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How To Start Planning and Personalizing Your Custom Home Build

 At BrightLeaf Homes, We’re proud to be in the top 1% of builders in the country. We are currently the only housing innovation award winner in Illinois in part because of our mission to create long-lasting, beautiful homes that improve the quality of life and health of those who live in them. And if we can make the planet a little better while we do it, we’ll consider that a win.


We think the home construction industry is in need of a smarter and more ecological path. As people begin to design their dream homes, daydreams of white picket fences and 2-car garages should include energy-saving technologies and sustainable features.


But how do you get started on this path? How do you start creating your dream home?


We created a pricing and planning guide to help you navigate the process without feeling overwhelmed and lost.


Defining Size and Layout of Your Custom Home

It all starts with understanding what it is that you want out of your home. Do you want a 4,000 square foot home? Do you really need a 4,000 square foot home? Maybe something smaller will still suit your needs and not waste space? Picking the perfect sized home depends on you and your family’s lifestyle and needs. Work with our design team to find the layout and size that enhances your lifestyle without added needs or excesses.




Selecting a Style and Building Your Wish List

Thankfully, this isn’t a process of selecting options from a templated list of prefabricated homes. Thinking about your lifestyle and the ways in which your home will be used, decide on a style for your home. This can range from the classic to the contemporary and anything in between.


From there, think about the features you'd most love to see in your new home--and think bigger than just the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Can you picture yourself working in a private office, tending to a wine cellar, or entertaining guests in a formal dining room?


Customize the final touches with cabinetry, countertops, tile, and trim to match your personality. Customization options are endless; you decide what you want, and we’ll make it happen!


Understand the Costs of Building Your Home

A variety of factors contribute to the final cost of building a home. Everything in a BrightLeaf home is priced out and approved by you in our online client portal. We set a Fixed Price Agreement with all our clients, which is guaranteed to never change during construction.



These factors contribute to your fixed price agreement:


Lot Purchase

Lot prices are determined by factors like the surrounding neighborhood, construction suitability, or proximity to desirable locations like schools or the Metra system.

Home Construction Costs

These costs fluctuate based on building materials, engineering methods, features and more. We customize each plan to suit your needs and budget.

Lot Development

Does the lot need demolition or landscaping work? Are the necessary utilities hooked up? What about permits and municipal fees? Developing a lot for construction sometimes includes a bit of planning. If you’re not sure about any of this, well, that’s what we’re here for!


Standards for Your Home of the Future

BrightLeaf is all about efficiency - it’s kind of our thing. We use energy saving technologies and building materials to reduce waste and save you money over time. We also include smart home features such as thermostats, light switches, locks, smart doorbells, and more. When it comes to creating the homes of the future, we’re way ahead of the curve.



Connect with Our Team

Okay, you have your dream home in mind. Square footage is decided and you’ve narrowed down a floor plan, but before you start picking out carpet samples, it’s time to connect with our advisors!


We’ll help you complete all of your building and real estate needs at every stage of the process. Connect with our team of home building experts to start planning your new home! 

Get pricing for building your new home  See starting costs for different sized homes, and learn more about planning  and personalizing your eco-friendly home and what to expect from our team. Talk To A Representative About Pricing