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Reasons to Build A Custom Home [infographic]


Buying an older, ready-made house is an excellent option for people like you who are finally in a position to acquire their dream home. However, you might want to consider building a custom home instead. Many would-be homeowners are now leaning towards custom homes for the following reasons:



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You can personalize your house

Buying an existing house means you either have to live with the way things are in it or do some home remodeling to make the house more in line with your preferences.

When you build a custom house, you will get exactly what you want, the way you want it. You will have the final say in everything, from the doorknobs to the type of light fixtures you want installed. As far as owners are concerned, a custom home is a true expression of their very selves.


You can build anywhere you want

You can’t do much about the location of an existing house, but if you have a custom-built home in mind, then you can build on your own lot. Has a new location caught your attention, one with excellent schools for your children? Purchase a lot there and build your dream custom home on it.



You can optimize your lot

A cookie cutter house does not give you much of a say on how the land it’s built on was used. In contrast, building a custom home gives you the opportunity to work with your architects and designers to optimize lot use for the construction and take advantage of every positive feature that it offers.


It goes with your lifestyle

If you love throwing parties for friends and family, then a custom house can give you every opportunity to build a big enough space for such gatherings. Do you want to have your own private Pilates studio? Then building a custom home will allow you to make a provision for it in your plans. Whatever it is you want to do within your home that is in line with your lifestyle, a custom home can easily provide you with the means to make it happen.


You can make it as durable as you want

An existing home may look great, but you can’t be too sure about its durability simply because you weren’t around when it was built. A custom-built home, on the other hand, gives you full control over the materials to use and everything else that will ensure that the home you’re building is as sturdy as it can be.



You can work with builders you can trust

You may know the name of the person who designed and built the existing house you’re looking to buy, but do you really trust him or her?

However, if you decide to build a custom house, you get to pick your own architect and designer, and they will be ones who you trust, or you wouldn’t hire them.

Those are just some of the reasons you should think about building a custom home instead of buying an existing house. If you’ve finally decided to go for a custom home, then you must check out the infographic below to know the things you need to consider before proceeding.


*This was a guest article from Victoria Grace at Nucleus Construction


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