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Stats and Facts on how Smart Homes are taking over the world

 Smart homes can be tricky. But, it’s not supposed to be. Here are a few ways to put the smart back in your smart home.


Connection Is Key

Smart home products are designed to connect to other products. It does this by using Wi-Fi connections. It is very important to ensure Wi-Fi connectivity to all your products. You also need to make sure you have enough bandwidth on your internet connection. More smart devices lead to a higher need for internet data. Make sure you have enough capacity on your data package to carry all your smart devices.


Birds Of A Feather

Once your internet is sorted you need to check your devices. Your smart products must be able to communicate with each other. Sticking to specific brands will help to speed up communication. You may also need to look to smart assistants. These products are third-party platforms. It basically creates a single place to access all your different smart devices from. Products that once misunderstood each other can now make use of this bridge. Your smart assistant acts as a mediator to help with communication.


If This Then That

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a term borrowed from coders and developers. In short, it means that specific actions will have specific predetermined reactions. Millions of these apps exist. Find the app that best suits your need. Then connect it to your smart home to create new actions with chains of reactions. You can, for instance, do the following:

  • Your alarm goes off.
  • It triggers your smart lights to switch on.
  • This triggers your smart coffee machine to brew a pot.
  • Your smart speakers will play your favorite morning tunes.
  • Your smart blinds are also triggered to open.

Give It A Go!

Your smart home is your friend. It’s here to help. You just need to understand how. Read this infographic to find more ways in which it can help you.





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