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The 150 Day Build Process with BrightLeaf (Infographic)

At BrightLeaf, our build process focuses on simplicity - but an intentional and effective simplicity. Our processes are intended to be transparent and straight forward with communication being the common theme woven through each thread of every step. Once the pre-close process is completed, it's time to get the home built. Our four distinct build phases provide clients with comfort and clear understanding of what they can expect once their project is up and running.



1. The Groundwork

A property to build on is secured. Site preparation begins when the area is cleared of existing buildings and made smooth and perfect for the foundation.

2. The Structure

The walls are erected and the roof is raised. The physical shape of the home begins to take shape as plumbing, HVAC, and electrical are all roughed in. 

3. The Interior

With the exterior on its way to completion, the interior begins to echo the homebuilder's desires through layout, finishes, and the floor plans. Details like paint, flooring, and trim complete the home's functionality and begins to resemble a forever home.

4. The Finishing Touches

Onto the home stretch - pun intended. Appliances are installed, countertops are shined, and the welcome mat is rolled out. All necessary final inspections and approvals are handled in this phase.

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