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The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Sustainable Houses

When you think of “going green” you’re probably thinking about reducing your impact on the planet. This is a very noble and necessary thing to consider when you know how much our planet has already endured. But if you decide to build yourself an eco-friendly house, you will not only help preserve the environment but will be able to save time and improve your quality of life quite significantly.

There’s been a lot of change in modern construction and eco-friendly homes are more attainable than ever. It’s true that there’s a learning curve that has to be mastered when it comes to an understanding of new materials and products, but it’s also true that even the smallest eco-friendly decisions have a huge impact on our surroundings. We scoured the web and we’ve come across these great benefits of building an eco-friendly and sustainable home.

Save money and resources

When it comes to saving money while building an eco-friendly sustainable home, you will have to plan ahead. Using recycled and second-hand materials can be quite helpful for your budget. Finding the best possible eco-friendly solution for your construction problems can help reduce the waste output, and you get durable and very affordable materials to work with.

Another thing to keep in mind when focusing on a “green” way to save money that planning ahead is crucial. If you really want to make a sustainable eco-friendly house, you will have to invest in energy efficient solutions like Energy Star appliances, triple pane windows, and a high efficiency HVAC system. These investments are maybe more costly to acquire, but in the long run they pay off quite significantly.

Protect your health

Quite a lot of conventional building materials are not very healthy. In fact, they are everything but healthy. For example, volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs are known to be carcinogens, there are a lot of toxins in paints and plastic building materials and they can even be found in cleaning supplies.

Some traditional building materials are very prone to moisture buildup, which helps develop toxic mildew and mold. With mold and mildew, there is quite a lot of risk because they can cause some serious health issues like breathing problems and even cardiac arrest. When building an eco-friendly house, you should focus on getting the non-VOC and mold and moisture-resistant materials.

Save Time

We’ve mentioned earlier that there’s a learning curve to master in order to completely understand what eco-friendly materials are the best for your purposes, and that is true, but what we didn’t mention is that once you’ve learned about those materials – the construction time drops significantly. This is good for multiple reasons, as you’re not only keeping the environment safe by reducing your carbon footprint; it also keeps the money in the local economy. 

Improve living conditions

As you start living in an eco-friendly house, you start to get affected by your surroundings and your environment quite significantly. Most of the eco-friendly houses are done in such a way so that they promote good health and general well-being and not just to the people living in those houses, but to everyone else.

There’s a virtual sea of benefits that can affect your social life and the quality of your living conditions, once you go green. You get a lot of natural lighting, very high quality of air, healthy and soothing indoor environment and natural temperature regulation. These are just some of the standard benefits for eco-friendly house users, and there are quite a lot more.


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Final Thoughts

Helping your environment means helping yourself, and even though it may seem challenging, turning to an eco-friendly solution for your home is quite a large step in the right direction for anyone. Building an eco-friendly home for yourself and your family is both environmentally friendly and it also pays off in every possible way. In the long run, you know that you’ve helped immensely, and as a reward – you get countless benefits that come from a green way of life. If you’re thinking about building a home for yourself, start thinking about a small, eco-friendly home. It can seriously change your life.

This is a guest blog post by Helen Bradford of Media Gurus.

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