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The Pre-Close Building Process With BrightLeaf (Infographic)

There are many steps associated with becoming a homeowner and it undoubtedly can seem overwhelming. At BrightLeaf, we focused on our building process specifically from the client experience point of view. We wanted to provide a concise, easily-communicated pre-close process to highlight the necessary steps that take our families from securing a construction loan to breaking ground at the job site. Below is a visual narrative of our pre-close process.


1. Secure Lending

The first step is to obtain pre-approval from a construction lender. Our clients are encouraged to conduct due diligence on vendors who can meet their needs the best, and have a specific new construction loan program. If people are unsure of where to start or whom to vet, we can provide our list of recommended lenders as a starting point.

2. Decide on Location

Option A: Choose from a lot we have already acquired, a recommended lot we have on our radar, or if clients have a more specific location in mind - let our acquisition specialist locate the perfect lot to build on for you.

Option B: Sometimes, clients already have a lot they want to build on. BrightLeaf will walk them step by step through how to build their forever home on it.

3. Style is Set

What goes where, what makes the most sense, and how it all comes together will be conceptualized as the initial configuration of the home begins. Clients work with BrightLeaf to prioritize what’s important and what isn’t important to them so that the home they build can match their budget. The home’s size, layout and features are determined so that an initial build cost can emerge.

4. Build Budget is Confirmed

During this step, we review construction costs with the clients, placing emphasis on the areas that truly matter to them. All finish selections have been chosen and the home’s configuration and floorplan have been agreed upon. The total cost to build the home is approved and final building plans are completed.

5. Total Cost is Finalized

The home build cost has been confirmed and now BrightLeaf will complete the necessary due diligence to ensure the lot to build on fits the client’s location preferences and we will also complete the necessary research to make sure it will be a successful build candidate. After the selection of the right property has been finalized, BrightLeaf will provide a final price for the home build and lot. A fixed price is now established so clients will know exactly what their home will cost to construct on the perfect lot.

6. Agreement is Signed

Every detail of the home is included in a written document that both parties agree upon and sign. This gives the client the peace of mind that they will get the exact home they want for the agreed upon price.


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