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What Stands Between You & Your Custom Dream Home?

Many things can stand between you and the home you plan to live in for the rest of your life (and perhaps pass on to your children). But, over time, BrightLeaf Homes has found that the most common thing holding people back is themselves.

To be sure, designing and building your Forever Home is a big investment of time and money, and it's not something to be taken lightly. But the rewards are invaluable. If you're on the cusp of contacting BrightLeaf about its eco-friendly homes, these points should prepare you to take the plunge.

Green Building Matters More Than Ever

Humanity stands on an environmental tipping point. The actions the human race takes over the next few years could determine the events of the next hundred. More people than ever before are concerned about passing on a healthy, vibrant, sustainable future to their children – but they often don't know how.


Many people are focusing on the potential of green homes. Conventional homes are often inefficient to heat and cool. They rely upon the conventional energy grid for power, which may be sustainable or may rely on fossil fuels that heat the planet. Plus, a new, conventionally built home can create substantial waste during the construction process and is usually built with unsustainable materials. By contrast, green homes are typically better insulated, create less waste (or recycle the waste they create), are built with sustainable materials and generate some or all of their own power.


It's estimated that, in 2018, green homes will make up about 40 percent of the single-family home market – and that's expected to only grow with time. They're extremely desirable, too; green homes sell at a rate far higher than that of conventional homes.

You Work With an Ethical, Passionate home Builder

Many homeowners start the process of designing and building their home only to find that their builder doesn't share their enthusiasm and views the project as just another line on their portfolio. But that's not how BrightLeaf Homes operates.



BrightLeaf is passionate about building eco-friendly homes and brings that passion to everything it does. You'll leave every meeting with BrightLeaf feeling even more excited about the possibilities your Forever Home holds.


You Spend More Time at Home Than Anywhere Else

You spend at least eight hours a day sleeping at home, and up to another eight at home before and after work. That means your home isn't just where you spend your time – it's where you spend power to heat and light your house during that time. Making your home more energy-efficient is an important step toward reducing your carbon footprint.

But that's not all. Your home's comfort and safety has a profound effect on your physical and emotional well-being. You shouldn't skimp on these; you deserve a home that's exactly what you want and contains every comfort you need.

You're in Control of the New Home Build Process

When you buy an existing home, you're limited by what you can find. When you design and build your home with the help of BrightLeaf, you're far freer. You can design the home so it has the exact shape, size, and features you want.

Your Family Deserves the Best in Health, Safety, Comfort, & Beauty

Some people deny it, but it's true. Your family deserves the best, and a new home can provide it. What's more, you'll be able to hand that home down to your children and give them something both practical and valuable.

Building your own eco-friendly home is a huge step toward bettering not only your future and your family's but the planet's, too. Ready to take the plunge? 

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