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How the Builders of the future create a Brighter experience for custom building in Chicago

Great Customer Service, Great Customer Experience

BrightLeaf Homes is relentless in our pursuit of continuous improvement. Our core customers are people seeking to enhance their quality of life in an exceptional home that provides an unparalleled living experience. A BrightLeaf home offers families an enduring sense of confidence and comfort. A home is so much more than a street address; so much more than a roof over heads. The BrightLeaf difference can be seen and felt in several distinct areas of the building process including:

  • Accelerated build schedules
  • Personalized attention to clients
  • Alleviating common client pain points – transparency, access, and communication
  • Dedication to green, high performance (Energy Star minimum)
  • Best value due to high performing home, yet competitively priced
  • Emphasis on efficiency and simplicity
  • Slab to Shingle guarantee
Know What To Ask When Assessing Builder Quality  This guide lays out 10 essential questions to ask when interviewing builders  and 5 critical questions to ask when assessing quality. Use this tool to  compare prospective builders during your research.  DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE