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Construction of Your Energy Efficient Home: A 150 Day Build

The BrightLeaf Commitment to Get You Home

Our homes are built simply and efficiently, and our 150 day construction process defines what happens between signing your Fixed Price Agreement with us, and opening the front door to the rest of your life. Our commitment to get our homes built in 150 days is supported by our lean capabilities and reliance we have on the best trade partners in the industry. Every expert craftsman is armed with consistent direction and knowledge of your home’s scope so there’s no miscommunication. We emphasize our process because it’s different, it's better, and it works.


Here’s how building your forever home with BrightLeaf looks in the 150 day construction process

1. The Groundwork – the first 25 days

Demolish existing structure(s), excavate, footings, foundation – BrightLeaf adds a weatherproof membrane and three inches of insulation to all foundations – pour slab with two inches of insulation underneath, install water and sewer utilities.

2. The Structure – the next 40 days

Time to build. First, we frame the house, install electrical service, frame and shingle roof, and install windows. In this step, the exterior doors are installed, the porch, deck, and garage are framed, both plumbing and HVAC are roughed in, and siding is completed.

3. The Interior – 45 days

It’s beginning to look a lot like a home. BrightLeaf moves onto insulation, drywall, and landscaping. The flooring is delivered, both the furnace and AC are installed, and we prime and paint ceilings. The last components are installing hardwood, tile, cabinets, and the trim.

4. The Finishing Touches – the final 40 days

Every single detail matters. We paint, install the countertops, complete plumbing, and install all electrical fixtures. All the appliances are delivered and installed, and final paint touchups are addressed. We call this the punch out (for all last minute details), and your home is cleaned, top to bottom.

After final inspection, we welcome you home.

150 days is the average timeline for standard Eco 1 and Eco 2 Models. The Eco 3 Model takes on a longer process due to the size of the home.

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