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the pre-construction process: Building a New House a New Way

Building an energy efficient home requires efficiency across all aspects of the project, and we applied that belief to our building process. Our Pre-construction process is where we walk with you step-by-step to turn your ideas into reality.

Efficiency. Communication. Deliverability.


The seven-step outline includes:

1. Obtain pre-approval from a construction lender.

We’ll provide you with our preferred vendor, or you’re free to choose your own that has a specific new construction loan program.

2. Sit down with our team to understand what we can do for you.

This acts as our kickoff and alignment session. We will walk through all of the next steps in detail and guide you along your way. 

3. Sign a lot search agreement and the lot search begins.

This step is needed for those who do not already own their lot, if you do, great! If not, we'll find a lot for you at no extra charge and make sure that it will work with your desired home plan. 

4. Sign a pre-construction services agreement.

The building of your home kicks off with the pre-construction phase, where your new home will be configured to the level of customization you choose with the style you want.

5. Pick finish selections and finalize home designs.

The pre-construction phase wraps up with a set, unchanging price to build your home based on your finalized design, finish selections, and customizations.

6. Sign Fixed Price Agreement.

The budget and agreement to build your home are finalized, creating your fixed price agreement. Our build contract is called a fixed price agreement because it provides just that - a FIXED PRICE for your home!

7. Construction begins on your new home.

Everything is set to go and the construction of your home is underway. Witness your home being built through regular job site visits and 24/7 access via BuilderTrend, our online client portal.

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