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Refuse to settle in a new construction home... Get what you want and feel good doing it. 

We've heard the horror stories, and that's why we take a different approach to bringing your dream home to life. The BrightLeaf Experience is based around a personalized and transparent team approach with you involved in every step. Our innovative “one stop shop” design process has every resource in house. It’s more efficient, keeps you informed, and allows you to understand cost implications of what is going into your home in real time.

An unparalleled experience

At BrightLeaf we build new construction homes a bit differently. With pricing clarity, a simplified process, and unified communication, satisfaction is guaranteed.        




Science, innovation, and comfort combine to create an eco-friendly home that delivers value beyond its price tag.         



Scientific building approach

Building eco-friendly means building better. Combining advanced construction practices, high quality materials, and the latest in building technology  gives you the highest quality home, proven to outlast the status quo.



6 step process to building your custom home

on time, on budget, & exactly how you want it


We’re here to build what you want, and that starts by listening to your dreams, needs, and questions. You will meet with our team of experts to help us understand exactly what you are looking for, where, and by when. These discovery sessions give us the information needed to frame up some rough pricing and rough plans for your project.


As one consolidated team, it is important to understand exactly what is happening at each stage of your build and what BrightLeaf does differently. With our scientific approach to building better homes, our integrated design approach, and persistence in value engineering your plans; its integral to the design of your home to know why we build at the quality we do. 



Once we have agreed to move forward, we begin our Pre-Construction Phase. This phase initiates the design stage of your home where you will work with our design team create floor plans and make design selections for your home.


When we know what we are going to build, it is important to know how and when it will be built. All required permits, approvals, and resources needed to execute your home build are happening at this stage. This sets the stage for finalizing the price for your home through our Fixed Price Agreement.



With the Fixed Price Agreement in place we begin to solidify your build schedule. You are kept up-to-date with all aspects of your home’s progress daily via the BuilderTrend app along with regular on-site walkthroughs with your project manager. 


Your home is complete and we celebrate with a pizza party and homeowner orientation. Our relationship doesn’t end here however, you can rest easy knowing our unparalleled 1-2-10 guarantee and warranty coverage is in place. For 1 year, everything is covered. 2 years covers mechanicals. 10 year envelope warranty covers the exterior of the home. After you move in, we set up check-ups at regular intervals  to ensure your home is performing as promised.

View pricing for building your new home  See starting costs for different sized homes, and learn more about planning  and personalizing your eco-friendly home and what to expect from our team. ACCESS THE PRICING GUIDE

Frequently asked questions about

building a custom home

Why should I consider building a BrightLeaf home?

Because you want your family to have a safe, worry-free, and healthy home to hold all your memories. And you want a home that will last and want a good experience building it. We build with a dedication to green, high-performance standards with an emphasis on simplicity, efficiency, and value. At BrightLeaf we build more than just a home; we build relationships through an experience of involvement. That experience centers around attentive collaboration, meticulous design, and precise execution.

What makes a Brightleaf home so unique?

Our efficient designs and smart features are visible differentiators, but it is the things that happen behind the walls that truly separate our homes from the standard houses. All of our homes are built to LEED gold standards, are Energy Star certified, Indoor Air Plus certified, and WaterSense certified. All supported with the BrightLeaf Guarantee and backed with some great warranties.

What is the Brightleaf Guarantee?

All of our homes come with a 1-year slab to shingle warranty. This covers your entire home during your first year there.

We also include a 10-year envelope warranty on all homes to provide an added layer of security and confidence. This envelope warranty covers the structural elements of the home plus the windows, siding, and roofing.

Your home also includes brand new appliances, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems that operate efficiently, effectively, and safely; and carry their own warranties as well.

We’ll revisit you in a month, six months, and one year after you move in to conduct a walkthrough and ensure your new home is performing as it should.

Do you have floor plans available that I can see?

Yes. We have a library of example floor plans available to inspire your next custom home. You can access the library here.

Can I completely customize my energy efficient home?

BrightLeaf Homes offers options for building simple or going fully custom. The choice is yours depending on how much you want to be involved. We know there are individuals who find value in moving into a home with a lot of the details handled by our team. On the other side, there are homebuyers who’ve waited years to build their forever home and want to be pretty involved. We’re flexible and happy to work with all kinds of decision makers.

Why build green?

We believe in making a conscientious effort to build smarter, better, and healthier. Sustainable, long-lasting materials + decreased building waste = a more sustainable, environmentally conscious way to build. We employ eco-friendly construction techniques and materials that have a long life span, less of an impact on the environment, and provide a home that is healthier to live and breathe in.

I want to build a new home, but don’t have a lot, can you help?

Don’t have a lot to build on? No problem! Our expert real estate team will find you the perfect property to build your home on.

I would like to build on my own lot, can you help me out?

OF course! Our team will also assist you in completing all the due diligence to understand exactly what size home we can build on your property.

Will you build a floor plan that I already have developed?

We will, as long as we can integrate it into our process and engineer it to meet our standards. We may recommend minor alterations and improvements to save time and cost, as well as making sure it meets local zoning requirements.

Do you build within a certain area or radius?

We try to stay in a 25-mile radius of our office in Hinsdale, but we will build where we haven’t built before. Just ask and we’ll see if we can make it work. Reach out!

What is your cost per square foot?

It depends. When people ask about pricing per square foot right off the bat it often fails to address the details of what is being priced out and the criteria that went into putting that price together. Our take on it is that anyone giving you price per square foot costs without asking you a huge list of questions probably isn’t giving you reliable information. Poor information leads to unrealistic expectations which can make for a less than desirable home build experience.

What contributes to the final cost of the home?

Your fixed price agreement (the final cost) will consist of the base price of the home, land development costs, and any upgrades or modifications that you choose. Everything in a BrightLeaf home is priced out and approved by you in our online client portal.

How do I know what is included with the price of the home? How can I be sure the price given is the actual cost?

We have created spec sheets and also have a single online platform for you to digitally sign off on all the aspects of your new home, so it’s abundantly clear what is going into the price. All of these details are what builds the Fixed Price Agreement.