Looking for a fresh new opportunity? We're looking for the best and the brightest to join us in reshaping the landscape of housing. Think you have what it takes to become part of a culture driven to challenge the status quo of the building industry?

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Our Teams

Like our homes, our teams are customized and hand-crafted to deliver a next-level experience unlike any other. We believe that you make your own opportunities, and after you do, take them 10 steps further. Maybe you have something amazing to offer but don't think it fits in with what we do? Perfect. Find a way to make it work. You'll never know what the future holds until you create it. 

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Construction/Project Management

Project Managers at BrightLeaf undertake a wide variety of day-to-day administrative and jobsite management tasks. The Project Manager is an integral part in ensuring that our field operations run smoothly and are successful in driving the success of the business overall.


 Client Management & Design

Client Managers at BrightLeaf undertake a variety of client management tasks. The Client Manager is an integral part in ensuring that our client experience runs smoothly and are successful in driving the success of the business overall. For someone with interior design skills, they help guide our clients through the design process with everything from floor plans, to color selections, to defining their selections or custom additions.


 sales/Marketing/Real estate

Members of the sales, marketing, and real estate team develop, implement, and execute a variety of sales and marketing initiatives for the BrightLeaf brand. Real estate is now BrightLeaf RealtyThe team handles all realty related services as your partner and guide/advisor.



The "Office Team" at BrightLeaf undertakes a variety of day-to-day administrative office tasks. A Finance Manager has a pretty important basic job – make sure everyone gets paid, from co-workers to vendors to owners and investors. Admins assist the various departments, and our office manager holds it all together.


You should know what you're getting yourself into...


To us, quality of life is not only defined by the perception of individuals, but also by what surrounds them and how it came to be. It’s about having a positive impact on our world and improving key aspects that matter most. From our neighborhoods, our materials, the air we breathe, to the conversations we have with friends, family and clients. Every positive interaction we have can improve someone’s quality of life from that moment, to years in the future. It’s about realizing what is and what can be – while changing what was.




 “Our construction assembly is one that almost every contractor could build, but very few can or will do it with the attention to detail that we have.”

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I cannot express how happy I have been to work with BrightLeaf Homes! BrightLeaf offered the perfect solution for several of my clients that had exhausted the inventory of existing homes, but still failed to find a match for their family needs. They were able to locate the right land and also allowed my buyer clients to customize their build both physical…CONTINUE READING

– Agnes Halmon, Real Estate Broker, Coldwell Banker

Last year, my husband and I were looking for a new home that was close to the city, access to public transportation, within our price range, and didn’t require a lot of updates or fixing up. It was hard finding all those criteria fulfilled in one home. We did find a home we liked, but unfortunately we missed out on it. I took a chance and contacted the bu…CONTINUE READING

– Bernadette & Chris N., Brookfield

We thoroughly enjoy living in our BrightLeaf home. The energy efficiency, open floor plan, passive solar heat and lighting are all great features. Energy bills are less than half of our previous home with 20 percent more square footage. Friends and neighbors always comment on the beauty of the space. The open floor plan gets lots of compliments and everyo…CONTINUE READING

– Martin & Kim C., Brookfield

Building a home was a major life decision for our family. Choosing BrightLeaf made that decision and the experience beyond enjoyable. The team at BrightLeaf was there to help guide us through every step of the way. No concern was too big, or too small. We couldn’t be happier with our home, and couldn’t have selected a better team to build it.


– Carol & Abe R., Brookfield

BrightLeaf Homes is an excellent home builder, and delivers a positive buying experience from the initial meeting, through closing, and beyond! I represented buyers for a BrightLeaf home in Forest Park, and the relationship with Rick and Scott was invaluable in my client’s decision to move forward with confidence. BrightLeaf Homes is the first builder I h…CONTINUE READING

– Doug Stachowiak, Realtor, Best Chicago Properties