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Sign up and cultivate some fresh resources and news to brighten things up a bit. Whether you're looking to build, buy, sell, or remodel we've expanded our garden of services and fertilized them, BrightLeaf style. Check out what's in store for you as we continue to grow our experience to meet your needs.

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Building & energy efficiency tips & tricks

Enhanced energy efficiency upgrades have been shown to improve the homeowners health and reduce their energy bills. We’re building for the future and we’re here to show you what that future could look like.

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Upcoming events & promotions

From Inside the Walls tours, to finished home tours, open houses, and Green Built Home tours, our team is constantly out and about and we'd love for you to join us. Stay up-to-date with all of BrightLeaf's events and eliminate your FOMO.

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Green Living & sustainability

No matter where you live and how eco-friendly you are, you can still do more and help Mother Earth even further. The best way to do that is by introducing eco-friendly ideas into your household, as that’s a way to save tons of energy and money as well.


Design tips and trends

Featuring the latest advancements in building science, smart technology, sustainable materials, and innovative design, we’ll show you how to seamlessly blend modern luxury with comfortable convenience.

New Listings, Build opportunities & Market Info

What’s on the market, what’s off-market? We’ll hook you up with both. From finding you the perfect new home, finding one not so perfect and remodeling it, or cherry picking the best lots to build on, we’ll help guide you along your new home.

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