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Building a forever home comes with an incredible amount of detail and plenty of questions about the process. We’ve compiled a frequently asked questions list based on a number of topics relevant to eco home building. If you have questions, read through some common ones shared by our customers. Then, if you still have questions let our team know!



Can I completely customize my energy efficient home?

BrightLeaf Homes offers options for building simply or going fully custom. The choice is yours depending on how much you want to be involved! We know there are individuals who find value in moving into a home with a lot of the details handled by our team. On the other side, there are homebuyers who’ve waited years to build their forever home and want to be pretty involved. We’re flexible and happy to work with all kinds of decision makers.

I have a pretty specific budget, but I still want an eco-friendly home. Is this manageable?

We believe that every family should have access to smarter, greener, more sustainable homes. With that in mind, we created green home solutions that offer four specific models of homes that not only range in size and amenities, but in price. We want our homes to be accessible and believe that there’s an energy efficient house perfect for every family’s unique preference.

What comes first, so to speak, in green home construction? The house or the land?

That depends on your preferences. If you’re interested in a BrightLeaf home but have more flexibility on location, we’ll build you the home you want. If you are focused on a single area, then we’ll work to secure a lot before we build. In either scenario, our development team works to find you the land where you want to live.

What details should I know if I’m planning to buy a BrightLeaf home?

Only that every single detail is different from buying a standard, everyday home. BrightLeaf believes in great customer service, which translates to great customer experience. The home itself is a further testament to that. We build with a dedication to green, high performance standards with an emphasis on simplicity and efficiency. Buying a BrightLeaf home means you’ll find the best value for a competitive price.

We’re considering building a new home. What would the number one reason to build a BrightLeaf home be in your opinion?

Because you want your family to have a safe, healthy home to hold all your memories. Today’s homebuyers have more options when it comes to green architecture and eco home design, but BrightLeaf is different in how we approach the entire process of green home planning. We focus on customer experience. Our reputation is based on that – how we impact and help homebuyers build their forever homes.

What does sustainable, green construction mean?

We employ eco-friendly construction techniques and materials that have a long life span and less of an impact on the environment. We believe in taking the time and conscientious effort to build smarter. Sustainable, long lasting materials + decreased building waste = a more sustainable, environmentally conscious way to build.

Will I have any help during the eco building process when it comes to purchasing land, securing a lender, or choosing home finishes?

Absolutely. Our stress-free process is a large part of our success and testament to our customer service. We make it easy by handling all the heaving lifting for you. We’ll handle finding the lot, help secure a construction loan from our trusted network, and assist in selecting all your home finishes through our user-friendly online system.

What’s your timeline for building? I’ve heard horror stories and would like to know what my family can expect before we move in.

We’ve heard those horror stories, too. Unfortunately, blown deadlines have become almost an expectation of building a new home. We average 150 days from excavation to completion on our home builds and we strive to be different.

What is the BrightLeaf Guarantee?

You will not pay $1 more than your fixed price agreement states.

All of our homes come with a 1-year slab to shingle warranty. This covers your entire home during your first-year there. 

We also include a 10-year envelope warranty on all homes to provide an added layer of security and confidence. This envelope warranty covers the structural elements of the home plus the windows, siding, and roofing.

Your home also includes brand new appliances, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems that operate efficiently, effectively, and safely; and carry their own warranties as well.

We’ll revisit you in a month, six months, and one year after you move in to conduct a walk through and ensure your new home is performing as it should.

Do you build within a certain area or radius?

We are Chicagoland builders. We’re very partial to this area and feel a sense of commitment and a natural pull towards sustainable neighborhoods with walkable communities and easy access to public transportation. However, we are happy to build our homes for clients within a 25 mile radius of our office in Hinsdale.

How can I tell I’m buying a BrightLeaf home?

Oh, you’ll know! A BrightLeaf home isn't made by simply adding a notable green feature to the home. At BrightLeaf we build more than just a home; we build relationships through an experience of involvement. That experience centers around attentive collaboration, meticulous design, and precise execution.

Our efficient designs and smart features are visible differentiators, but it is the things that happen behind the walls and scenes that truly separate our homes from the standard homes.

How much of the process does BrightLeaf handle?

We handle everything for you. With our integrated design approach, we make sure that everything is as efficient and cohesive as possible. From lot development, permitting, and architectural plans, to custom designs, finance coordination and anything else that is needed; we will act as your central hub.

What would I be expected to do on my own?

We take care of everything, you just have to make approve your different options. During the construction process, you can see every step of progress on your phone through our project management app.

Would you build a home where you haven't built one before?

We’ve ventured outside of the areas we’ve built before, just ask!

I would like to build on my own lot, can you help me out?

Of course! Our team will need to assess the lot and make sure it is suitable to build on, and we will work with you to make it happen.


Your fixed price agreement will consist of the base price of the home, lot development fees, and any upgrades or modifications that might have associated costs. Everything in a BrightLeaf home is priced out and approved by you so that when the Fixed Price Agreement is put in place, it is guaranteed to never change during construction. Ever.


Yes. The Eco Models shown on the site are designed as a starting point and engineered to save you time and money. Any of these can be customized to fit your lifestyle by working with our design team. If you would like to see some variations of the model you like just ask and we’ll make it happen.

Will you build a floor plan that I already have developed?

We will. We may recommend minor alterations and improvements to save time and cost, as well as making sure it meets local codes and fits on your lot.

What kind of financing is required to start this process?

If you are looking to get a loan for your build, You will want to get pre-approved for a construction loan. That way when we start designing your home we are doing so to align with your budget.

Why do lot development fees seem to vary so much?

Depending on the layout and location of your land, costs will vary. Including permitting costs, local building code requirements, topography, utility locations as well as the home’s placement.
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