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free, no obligation lot location service 

With our no cost, no obligation lot location service we will research and find properties that are in your desired neighborhood, fit your budget, and will ensure they work for the home you want to build. 

Know where you want to live but don't know how to get the land? Maybe you're not sure but you do know you want to build your own home in the suburbs of Chicago? 

We don't expect you to be a real estate expert, which is why we have professionals in-house to take care of this for you.  After meeting to determine all your needs, our team will go to work on finding the right piece of land, in the perfect area, to meet your specific requirements.

Provide us with some insight below, so that we can begin the process of finding you the perfect spot to build your new custom home.

After seeing the beautiful homes that BrightLeaf had built in our area, we decided to engage them to build our future home. When doing a self-search online for potential properties, lot availability in Brookfield was very scarce. After signing up for the lot search service I received a call two weeks into the process informing me that BrightLeaf had found an off market lot for us to build on. They aggressively negotiated on our behalf and we were very impressed that they were able to find this deal. We had a signed agreement from the seller before the “for sale” sign even went up in the front yard!

- Anthony Ramirez

How long does this process take?

We have located opportunities within a week and even had properties ready to go right when clients have signed with us. Some properties require a bit more hunting. With our expertise, we have secured many off-market deals for our clients quickly.

Has this worked for anyone else?

Absolutely! We have been very successful in finding properties for our clients. The vast majority of our clients come to us needing a property that we help them acquire. 


What if we can’t find something I like in my price range or location?

We will work to find an off-market opportunity through a large variety of methods. In the event there is not an opportunity we will review the budget and discuss the potential of remodeling an existing home or make recommendations of different locations.

How involved will I have to be in this process?

We will analyze individual properties for you and send you those for your review that have very strong potential and you simply have to provide feedback. If you’re feeling adventurous, send us locations that you like and we will analyze them for you. 

Do I need a realtor to help with this?

You do not. BrightLeaf has our own real estate brokerage with licensed Realtors that will represent you during the purchase.

What if I'm already working with a realtor?

No problem, we can work with you and your realtor and team up to find the perfect spot to build on.

What if I find a piece of land on my own? Or my realtor finds one? What happens then?

If you or another agent finds land we can not guarantee the feasibility of building on that land. We highly recommend having us involved during this process. In the event you find your own land, if you commit to our pre-construction services, we will analyze the site to make sure you can build what you want to build on this lot.

What is my commitment to you and for how long?

This is a no-money-down commitment where you will allow us to represent you as your Realtor IF and WHEN we locate a property for you with the specific intent to develop on that land. Most commit for a duration of 3 months, but we can work with your timeline.

What happens if I use you to find the lot, but then do not build with you?

Our commitment for the Land Search offering is specifically to work as your Realtor when purchasing the property. This does not commit you to BrightLeaf to build.

Do I need cash to purchase a lot to build on?

No! There are lending options out there that allow you to purchase a lot to build on in conjunction with the construction loan. 

What comes next after we get a lot under contract?

You will enter our Pre-Construction phase where we will work with you to design your perfect custom home.