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BrightLeaf Realty Brokerage Announcement: It's Official, The New Age of Real Estate is Upon Us

In 2014, inspired conversations between Scott Sanders, Alex Thompson, and Rick Thompson led to the creation of BrightLeaf Homes. They believe that not only do we need more sustainable, and energy-efficient homes, but that they also need to be affordable, and the experience to build them should be next-level. In 2018, another inspired conversation took place with Jarrett Svendsen. Values aligned, and what began as an idea to expand the BrightLeaf philosophy into new territory, gave birth to BrightLeaf Realty.

 This mentality of redefining the approach to new home construction, adding value, delivering a "next-level experience" and putting the homeowner’s needs at the center of the conversation, is the same mentality that has led to the creation of BrightLeaf Realty with Jarrett as the Managing Broker.



 The BrightLeaf Realty team from left to right: Jarrett Svendsen, Rick Thompson, Christine Trinh, and Jeremiah Butler


Now, with the announcement of BrightLeaf Realty as an official brokerage, they are changing the way real estate is perceived. Built upon a similar realization – that there are hundreds of brokerages in the area, but many of them functioning along the same vein – the BrightLeaf brokerage aims to put their clients in control. Their agents, are trained to be advisors. Partners armed with the data, tools, and specific areas of expertise to deliver a unique experience. An experience that focuses exclusively on the needs of their clients.


This is the future of real estate. Reach out, and see for yourself.


BrightLeaf Realty is reinventing the face of the brokerage, by eliminating agents and partnering you with advisors.



Vision with clarity. Brought to life through execution.

As the old adage goes, “Vision without execution is hallucination” and our vision is about executing for you. We won’t accept, “not good enough” or “no options available”, because if the local market resources are tapped out, we’ll create the resource.


“Just like our building process we will focus on consistent communication and updates on the status of any transaction.” 

You [the client] stays in the know, and in control of the relationship.


Putting you in control, and backing it with data

The BrightLeaf team is equipped with the most innovative and efficient real estate tools of tomorrow. Guidance to their clients is backed by research on careful analysis of local real estate market data to provide communicated, strategically aligned purpose.


“In our tech savvy world our value is in our ability to take this stressful process and streamline it to give you piece of mind. BrightLeaf is the future of real estate.

For those of us out there who prefer to be in control but are still looking for additional value, BrightLeaf Realty is designed to do just that.


Even in the age of DIY, sellers and buyers still need an Advisor to guide you through the many negotiations, deadlines, and stages of the sale. Take advantage of their DIY Listing process to keep money in your pocket and have a more hands on experience.


Agents to advisors: a new approach to C.A.R.E.

They [BrightLeaf Realty] realize that for the most important investment you will ever make, you need more than just a collection of services. At BrightLeaf, their Agents become Advisors who care about delivering the most informed and confident experience above all.


“We are here because trust in real estate should never be a concern. Our Advisors are selected to form an elite group of experts driven by client satisfaction. BrightLeaf is the smarter choice when buying, selling, or building a home where ALL our agents are the exception to the rule.”

–Jarrett Svendsen, Managing Broker


The shift is perception from Agent to Advisor is to internally and externally create a new image for real estate. One that is focused around four key tennets, each being a core value that the BrightLeaf Realty team is held to every day, with every interaction.




Commitment: to serving your needs
Attention: to your project and all details involved
Responsibility: to our clients, our team and the environment
Excitement: you should feel good and energized about working with us


BrightLeaf is here because trust in real estate should not be a concern. The people of BrightLeaf care.


Be a part of the new age of real estate in chicagoland, Visit brightleafrealty.green


Meet the new managing broker, learn more about the connection with their construction division, and discover how this new brokerage benefits and impacts area Realtors in this Chicago Agent Magazine article.



To us, quality of life is not only defined by the perception of individuals, but also by what surrounds them and how it came to be. It’s about having a positive impact on our world and improving key aspects that matter most. From our neighborhoods, our materials, the air we breathe, to the conversations we have with friends, family and clients. Every positive interaction we have can improve someone’s quality of life from that moment, to years in the future. It’s about realizing what is and what can be – while changing what was.

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