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Homes That Focus on Quality of Life

Eco House Design for Everyone

Reimagine quality of life for a more comfortable, sustainable future where you live. BrightLeaf Homes is a unique collaboration of Chicago-area builders that leverage their strengths in planning and management processes, trade partner relationships, and vast knowledge of the construction industry to offer you a better process and exceptional home.


Energy efficiency is more than how your house runs; it’s how your house is built. We’ve given green consideration to every part and process of our homes’ construction. As Chicago-area builders, we have a vision for our city and its neighborhoods. We want homes built better for families, with intention and pride. Our trade partners work within a hyper-local radius. We are local builders who build every home with a focus on energy efficiency, quality, and affordability.


Buying a Home

A BrightLeaf home is designed and engineered with material, space, and efficiency in mind from the very start. Buying an eco-friendly home in Chicago means a better, more innovative house built to last for many years to come.


Building a Home

Let us build a home customized to your specific needs or simply choose a model from our EcoLogical Home Series. Get the enduring quality and high-performance of a BrightLeaf home tailor fitted to your needs, lifestyle, and family.



We place a large emphasis on clear communication and promote an enjoyable construction process by providing all clients with their own access to the software system we use, Buildertrend.


Land Search

Whether you’re set on a certain area of Chicago and have a sustainable neighborhood in mind, or need our real estate team to help you find one, BrightLeaf will work with you on lot requirements and highlight the homebuilding process. Learn more and sign up for this free service.


Project Management

The BrightLeaf team will get your family from groundbreaking to housewarming. Rely on our eco home design curators to handle all the details and you’ll have more transparency, communication, and confidence along the way.

Know What To Ask When Assessing Builder Quality  This guide lays out 10 essential questions to ask when interviewing builders  and 5 critical questions to ask when assessing quality. Use this tool to  compare prospective builders during your research.  DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE