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Gerrit Szeszycki, MEng

Architectural Designer

Giving life to our client's designs and visions through drafting and 3D modeling. 

“Creativity is intelligence having fun."
- Albert Einstein

From the time Gerrit was younger, he has always been fascinated with construction, from starting with Legos to building multiple tree houses at his family's lake house. Gerrit started getting his feet wet with 3D design work as a freshman in high school.

Upon graduating high school during the housing market crash, Gerrit decided to not follow his full passion to become an architect and studied at the University of Alabama earning his degree in Construction Management and Sustainability. Gerrit then continued his education at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, to earn his Masters in Construction Engineering.

Prior to working with BrightLeaf, he has shown exceptional experienced as a project manager in designing and creating laboratory spaces using his skillset to better interact with clients and help them visualize their finished project.

Gerrit has a strong passion for being part of any project whichever way he can. He takes pride in his work in drafting and 3D modeling as well as his project management skills. He also believes in project organization through the design stages utilizing building information modeling (BIM) to ensure there are no unforeseen problems before construction phase happens.

Gerrit was drawn into working with BrightLeaf Homes because of their higher level of client interaction and scientific approach to building homes. He is a strong believer in sustainable living and design after working with the United States Green Building Council in college. Gerrit knows that his advance knowledge in architecture and 3D design will bring a strong advantage to BrightLeaf and their clients.

Outside of work, you can typically find him outside, mostly in the garden or grilling. Gerrit likes to think of himself as an amateur woodworker with lots to learn and will try and build anything he can. Also, Gerrit is teaching 3D architectural software at a local community college where he enjoys sharing his passion with anyone willing to learn.



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