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Heather Kinealy

Sales advisor

Realtor, mom, wife, and travel hound.

"Strength lies in differences, not in similarities." - Stephen Covey

Heather is Aurora born and bred but now resides in the quaint little suburb of Downers Grove. She and her husband try to give their kids the gift of travel and experiences so that they have an appreciation for how truly wonderful the world really is. They do this whether they like it or not.

She loves dry humor, sarcasm, decorating, creating Pinterest boards that she may or may not ever use, and is a horrible bowler (although she's been in a bowling league for 5 yrs). She loves Orange Theory and tries to submit to their program a few times per week to keep herself sane. She also loves to cook and almost considered leaving her career to go to Culinary School, but has decided to pour all of her creativity into real estate instead. 

Heather had a long corporate career before real estate where she learned how well you treat the customer, and how they feel about their experience with you, is of the utmost importance. Heather has been told she's "externally focused" and doesn't think that's a bad thing.

Whether it's helping you sell your home or buy a home, her focus is to guide you, educate you about the market in your area, and ultimately come up with a game plan to work together to accomplish your goals. It's your house, your money, and your time. She's here to assist you in any way she can.



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Little did I know when I was looking for homes in LaGrange, I would end up building my own home with BrightLeaf! As a single mom working in the investment industry, I clearly do not have the time nor the skill set to design a home. But when I saw BrightLeaf’s ad for a prime location in LaGrange, I researched their current homes, their people, their …CONTINUE READING

– Kristen Goodman, La Grange

Surviving the recent Chicago record-breaking cold temperatures, snow, and ice made us realize just how happy we are with our BrightLeaf home. While friends, neighbors, and family worried about frozen pipes and exorbitant utility bills, we were warm and snug in our BrightLeaf home. In our almost 50 years of marriage, we have built three houses, (1971 in Talla…CONTINUE READING

– Linda M., La Grange

What was a very scary process for us initially turned into our dream home build. BrightLeaf adapted their home building model to our detailed requests and plans, resulting in a home that substantially met our goals. Further, the space operates exactly as Scott told us it would; even temperatures throughout, premium comfort, and lower utility bills for …CONTINUE READING

– Drew G., La Grange Park

My family and I spent a little time renting a BrightLeaf home recently. We found the quality of the house to be top notch. Our interactions with Jarrett and other members of the BrightLeaf staff met and often exceeded our expectations. Overall a great experience!


– Chloe & Janek P., La Grange

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