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Scott Sanders

Chief Executive Officer/managing partner

Everyone’s Mentor. Sustainable before sustainability was cool. 

“I’m in the background making sure opportunities are there for the future.”

Ever since Scott could remember he wanted to be a builder. After graduating high school, enrolling in the Construction Management Program at Illinois State was a no-brainer for him. He had a voracious appetite for this new practical knowledge and pursued his degree with a laser-like focus.

Even before graduation he knew exactly what he needed to do – work for a large homebuilding company to gain some additional experience and save up enough money so that he could start building homes his way. Scott founded BrightLeaf in 2008 and built the first BrightLeaf home in Brookfield soon after.

In his role, Scott works closely with everyone on the BrightLeaf team to help them excel at each of their positions. He also makes sure that the business runs smoothly and reliably by developing and managing the relationships BrightLeaf has with vendors, suppliers, and other various partners.

Scott spends time relaxing by driving his heart rate up. He’s a big fan of running and mountain biking and utilizing all Chicagoland has to offer in terms of nature and scenery. He’s also a pro in the kitchen and likes utilizing the same planning and precision as he builds homes with.



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I have been most impressed by BrightLeaf’s people who have displayed integrity, creativity, a partnership attitude and an open communication process. Little did I know when I was looking for homes in LaGrange, I would end up building my own home with BrightLea… CONTINUE READING

– Kristen G., La Grange

Surviving the recent Chicago record-breaking cold temperatures, snow, and ice made us realize just how happy we are with our BrightLeaf home. While friends, neighbors, and family worried about frozen pipes and exorbitant utility bills, we were warm and snug in our BrightLeaf home. In our almost 50 years of marriage, we have built three houses, (1971 in Talla… CONTINUE READING

– Linda M., La Grange

What was a very scary process for us initially turned into our dream home build. BrightLeaf adapted their home building model to our detailed requests and plans, resulting in a home that substantially met our goals. Further, the space operates exactly as Scott told us it would; even temperatures throughout, premium comfort, and lower utility bills for … CONTINUE READING

– Drew G., La Grange Park

My family and I spent a little time renting a BrightLeaf home recently. We found the quality of the house to be top notch. Our interactions with Jarrett and other members of the BrightLeaf staff met and often exceeded our expectations. Overall a great experience!


– Chloe & Janek P., La Grange

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